World of dolls

The highest degree of popularity - that's when your image creates a collector's doll. For fans of the doll - it's not just a small copy of his idol, is the ability to touch something unattainable, and even divine.

Doll Angelina Jolie - one of the most popular among his colleagues. For example, this one instance was bought for 2,000 euros. The reaction of the fans of the actress has been mixed: many admired ("perfect copy of the ideal woman!"), Many expressed dissatisfaction ("Too fat at this doll hands!"), And some were horrified ("The doll is very realistic and causes fear!") .

I like how accurately traced face doll actress: a similar shape of the eyebrows, an identical makeup artists do not forget about the little mole above his right eyebrow.

The only thing missing - a tattoo. But at the request of one of the masters who created the doll, he is ready to draw a tattoo for 10-20 euros depending on the quantity and quality of images.

Complete with a doll Angie is more colorful wigs and costumes.

In principle, it is not difficult to guess which of the dolls are most popular among fans. This, of course, the heroes of "vampire saga" Edward, Bella and Jacob ...

... And a small group of enemies in the face of Laurent, Victoria and James.

After the release of the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise and the characters were at the peak of success.

Heroes ageless film "Gone with the Wind" led by the beautiful Scarlett O'Hara.

Miranda Priestly and Andrea - heroes stylish melodrama "The Devil Wears Prada».

Doll Madonna in the most vivid stage images of the singer.

Of course, not without its immortal Marilyn Monroe. Perhaps the mini replica of the legendary actress - the most popular doll in the history of their release. Which is not only the image appeared before fans doll Marilyn!

I was most amused by the doll Lady Gaga. This is where the designers managed to have fun at glory. Despite the fact that the face of the doll does not look like the original, it worked out images to the smallest detail - make-up, clothes, accessories - all in exactly the same style of Gaga.

Not without its controversial meat dress.

A few more thumbnails celebrities

Charlize Theron

Elvis Presley

Ian Somerhalder

Britney during the insanity

Amy Winehouse

Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra's image

Kate Beckinsale

Gwen Stefani

Liv Tyler

Daniel Craig

Tobey Maguire

Nicole Kidman

Kirsten Dunst

Even the most talented and well-known designers do not remain indifferent to the dolls. At this time we are talking about cooperation, "the ruler of the red soles" Christian Louboutin and Barbie is ageless. The designer has created a collection of stylish footwear for the dolls, and then co-starred with her in a photo shoot for the «Vogue».

A designer Nigel Chia generally specializes in doll fashion: a few years ago he released a collection of wedding dresses for dolls. They look so elegant and stylish that I myself would not have refused to try a couple.


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