One of the prisons in California (21 photos)

In California six prisons. One of them is "Kalipatriya", which will be discussed. All of them have special correctional department, formerly known as the department of "behavior change". These offices are designed for prisoners who violate the general rules.

Tower Guard is looking to enter the prison "Kalipatriya." The prison is surrounded by a fence with barbed wire, through which passes an electric current. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

Prison guard watching over the prisoners during their stay in the open air prison "Kalipatriya." (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

The department "B" of the correctional department is 33 prisoners. In theory, 10 hours a week, prisoners spend outdoors when going to dinner, take a shower and walk in the yard. In this department prisoners staying 90 days and another 90 in the case of repeated punishment. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)


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