One of the prisons in California (21 photos)

In California six prisons. One of them is "Kalipatriya", which will be discussed. All of them have special correctional department, formerly known as the department of "behavior change". These offices are designed for prisoners who violate the general rules.

Tower Guard is looking to enter the prison "Kalipatriya." The prison is surrounded by a fence with barbed wire, through which passes an electric current. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

Prison guard watching over the prisoners during their stay in the open air prison "Kalipatriya." (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

The department "B" of the correctional department is 33 prisoners. In theory, 10 hours a week, prisoners spend outdoors when going to dinner, take a shower and walk in the yard. In this department prisoners staying 90 days and another 90 in the case of repeated punishment. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

Prisoner Jason Brannigan talks to a reporter in the main Sacramento County Jail. Brannigan was a correctional department for having sprayed pepper spray interfered with other prisoners and ran naked through the cellblock. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

Dzhoell Polanco in the correctional department prison in Corcoran, California on March 25. This is one of six prisons in California that have correctional department for particularly troubled inmates. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

S. Fleming warden in a prison wing of the prison in Corcoran. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

Guard tower overlooks the entrance to the prison Kalipatrii. The prison is surrounded by an electric fence. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

The department «B» correctional department is 33 prisoners. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

Prison warden M. Williams closes the door to the chamber Dzhoella Polanco in the correctional department prison in Corcoran. Correctional offices were created in order to erase class differences and help prisoners to control their anger, and drug and alcohol addiction. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

The prison guard misses a number of cameras in the correctional department wing "B" Kalipatrii prison in which the 33 prisoners. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

Robert Lane read about Malcolm X in the chamber, which he shares with Derek Hardy (on the top bunk), in the department of correctional prison Kalipatrii. Hardy said that all day looking at the empty walls of the chamber, resulting in some prisoners to use of psychotropic drugs, and others - to the anger. "As it should help someone, if some of us turn to drugs? This is cruel and unusual punishment. " (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

A. Sanders looks through the bars in the door of his cell. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

The correctional department wing «B» is 33 inmates. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

Prison guard stands on the glass floor on the second floor of the control tower at Corcoran Prison. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

Tony Curtis washes prisoner in his cell in the prison Corcoran. Sometimes due to strict isolation of prisoners are not allowed to swim regularly in this department, so that they do it in the shells in their cells. Door with pale green to the right leads to one of the prison shower. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

Inmate Terrell Wright (left) talks to a reporter in a prison wing of the prison Corcoran. Behind him are Lieutenant Stephen Smith and Captain Felix Vasquez. This program was concluded successfully suppress anger in this department in 2008. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

The prisoners returned after an hour of exercise in the fresh air. In the foreground are the book allegedly used in the correctional department. Although these books are on display in the dining room, the journalists did a report about the prison, learned that no prisoner who is currently in prison are not held classes on anger management. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

Belonging to a particular inmate group denoted that's the way - a piece of paper with the inscription on the door (photo inscription in English - "wimp"). (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

The inmate Christopher Drew (left) and his cellmate Keith Byron Hopkins waiting in the chamber of the correctional department in Corcoran. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

Prisoners Keith Byron Hopkins (left) and his cellmate Christopher Drew sitting in his cell in the prison Corcoran. In today's correctional institutions, most classes are not held due to budget cuts and the isolation of prisoners. In some prisons, the California Correctional department generally closed, and those that remained is chaos and disorder. Some prisoners were let out into the fresh air for only a few minutes per week. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)

Prisoner Dzhoell Polanco talking with the prison warden through the door of the chamber in the detention wing of the prison Corcoran. (Paul Kitagaki Jr.)


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