The accident at Russia's largest coal mine "Raspadskaya"

Victory Day was marred by a tragic event: the night of 8th to 9th May in the Kuzbass town of Mezhdurechensk, Russia's largest coal mine "Raspadskaya", two explosions occurred. At the time of the first explosion in the mine were 359 people.

Workers remove a festive sign above the entrance to the checkpoint Raspadskaya mine. (REUTERS / Alexander Urakchin)

Relatives of the miners at the entrance to the mine "Raspadskaya" in Mezhdurechensk on May 10th. (AFP - Getty Images / Yuri Yuriev)

The accident at the mine "Raspadskaya" - a unique case for the coal industry. Experts believe that the cause of the explosions become sudden methane emissions of a few tens of thousands of cubic meters. (Maxim Shipenko / EPA)

General view of the building of the Kuzbass mine "Raspadskaya" destroyed an underground explosion. (AFP - Getty Images)


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