Coal mine "Moscow"

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Today we will go to the coal mine, go down to a depth of 70 meters and see how it is arranged. And you know where is the semi-abandoned tower height of 120 meters!

Coal mine "Moscow", located in the Tula region (9 km from the village Gritsovsky) is currently the only coal mine in the entire central region of Russia. Mine has always been considered a very promising now, but recently in the central region of the renounce the use of coal for energy. The decline began in the 90s, and earlier in the Tula region alone employed more than 30 coal mines, and mines were still in the Ryazan, Tver and Smolensk regions.

The chief engineer of the mine Sysoev Yuri L. gave a wonderful tour, dressed in work clothes and spoke in detail about the internal structure of the mine. On mine it operates more than 25 years.

1. Construction of the mine began in 1967, it was assumed that this would be one of the largest mines of the Moscow Coal Basin. The mine was commissioned in 1974.

Currently the company employs about 80 people, who work in four shifts. Coal is produced in very small quantities, and given the current selling price of coal is all quite profitable to mine.

The main mode of transport in the mine is a narrow-gauge railway with a gauge of 900 mm. On the ground plot has 3 electric and underground - 7.

Mountain gangue (waste heap) located far poured on a very interesting technology. There goes the trolley on the rope fastened to the mast. Cableway is doubly unique in that it is a single mast. The height of the slag heap of about 50 meters, and the highest point of the mast about 120 meters.

General view of the mine. The last shot was filmed on a huge star at the highest point of the building of the mine. Red Star over 1 meter long been burned ...

We can say that the mining industry is the balance of the death.

Theoretically, there are projects on the development of the industry, but so far no real action is taken. Until the 90s on the mine employed over 1,800 people.

We take a look at the general plan of excavation. Production is carried out on one corner of the horizon at a depth of 74 meters from the ground. Under ground out two trunks - primary and secondary. Through the main trunk is lifted to the surface of coal and pumped the air. Auxiliary trunk is used for lifting and lowering of people and equipment. The mine has three wings - north, south and east, they can be clearly seen on the provided map. The south wing is partially flooded and polluted East. The total length of underground tunnels of about 26 kilometers.

The administrative building of the mine also has classrooms. Previously, there were students practice. Extensive information material in detail familiar with the construction of the mine.

Scheme conveyor line. Describe in detail, it will allow a better understanding of footage presented directly from the mines. On the right is roadheader. Left vertical passes airway, it is parallel to the haulage by trucks that are taken with the breed. Below the diagram passes conveyor drift, which laid the conveyor belt on which breed of space development moves to the trolley. At the top is held horizontally board drift. Below is represented on the stand and switches control relays Electronic Equipment.

Learning model heading machine 4PP-2. Only here you can see the entire underground because he was going out the details in place, and on all sides clamped breed.

Before you go down into the mine should be acquainted with the rules of safety to change into work clothes, get a helmet, lamp, and self-rescuer (the device for respiratory protection).

The main clock. Previously, the building was equipped with a special computer, but each miner was a personal badge, which had to be noted on these devices. Now it all off. When necessary to pass the gateway with power doors, where air pressure is equalized.

Zero, the place of landing in the cage for the descent into the earth.

Before the door of the cage installed warning signs that light up one after the other.

We go in the cage. The descent into the earth passes quickly enough, as you can see in the last picture to fit stand rails, which are also found on the floor of the cage. Thus the ground is lowered trolley. Trunk wrought iron Tuebingen.

Going down into the ground need to pass the "acclimatization" in a special room.

Everyone spuskayuschisya the ground must be marked during the descent and to report on the route of their movement, and in the course of passage established in tunnels phone call-back duty and report its location. We started the movement of airway in the north wing.

Previously, there was a light, but now it is dismantled. About Electricity: the entire mine complex is supplied with voltage of 6 kV. Depending on the rock pressure on different parts of the shaft are set different types of supports. Here you can see the arched concrete roof supports with tightening of the boards.

The tunnel lining the left trapezius. Contact wire at the site is also available.

Some areas are flooded. In haul routes are used as wood, concrete sleepers and some of which have not been repaired since the opening of the mine.

The left is impassable sboyka toward the east wing. Login denied because there gassed. Under the ceiling, you can see the fire water supply pipe, which is always water under high pressure.

One of the stopping points where there is a telephone. Yuri L. callback stem and informed about our location. And then all kaaaak lomanutsya ...

Ahead of land where subsidence has occurred due to a set of groundwater inflow to prevent the collapse of the roadway arches strengthened with additional supports.

Another sboyka. Here we turn to the left.

And now to the right. In total, we have been under the ground for more than 7 kilometers.

Left out haulage drift. He closes the door, to prevent air leakage. In general, the mine ventilation system is set up so that fresh air from the surface to catch up powerful fans.

In some areas, there are carts with pumping units. They are necessary for the case, if you change the direction of groundwater flow and begin to heat a little this or that part of the tunnel. We climb upward to the right to get to the roadheader.

Finally we come to a lava (a place underground mines). On the left wall of the phone, and through the arch can be seen lining the iron extracted rock. On the Road is the so-called "mobile power station", which provides power to mechanized complex.

Prolazit directly to production. Left array coal (slaughter lava), and the right side is clear support tunnel boring machine, which support loose vaults have passed the site. In the center is clearly visible "pigtail" power cables going to the tunnel boring machine drives.

We are located directly above the supports on the left clearly visible supports hydraulic actuators, and the right auger drive, which is conducted excavation. The height is a little more than a meter.

Then, cut the rock fed to the conveyor.

The drive of the conveyor.

On the left are mine starters, they are designed for motor control. Right konveyrnaya tape.

From left to drift in the output conveyor haulage. It is here that the breed from the conveyor is loaded into trucks. There still remained the lamp lighting the tunnel.

In most parts of the wooden sleepers, residing in waterlogged. Under the ceiling suspended trolley wires under voltage. This means that the helmet is forbidden to remove and hand over your head does not rise.

And this is one slaughtering. Before you go to that part of the roadway was included forced ventilation system.

Trolleys loaded dismantled fire water pipes in the ventilation drift.

Electric surpasses trucks loaded with coal on a long haulage drift to the main trunk. Here they are unloaded in the dumper. It accommodates two car dumper trucks, with the design of the shaft coupling makes it possible to carry out this operation without optsepki.

The underground locomotive depot, here performed repairs and maintenance of electric, on the surface, they do not rise. The depot is located in the east wing, and part of the workings maintained in a suitable condition for the passage to access the depot. Electric K10 with extreme 7th sequence number (during intersivnoy the mine just under the ground were more than 45 electric locomotives).
Go back to the ruddvoru, call-back stem and look forward to launching stand. Rise, renting invertar ...

Realized in the mine work is impressive and very sad to realize that perhaps very soon all this will disappear. We have arrears in the mine power, and if power supply is shut off for 6 hours, it happens the complete flooding. Theoretically, it will still be subject to recovery, but hardly anyone will do it. Although reserves of coal in the mine will suffice for decades as ...



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