Saving the Chilean miners

Miraculous event occurred in Chile rescuers found 33 miners, 18 days ago locked in the gold-mine of San Jose because of the collapse of the rock. Elias Sepulveda and her cousin Catherine hug before the altar erected to their relatives - and Pablo Esteban Royyasu. These people are among the 33 miners trapped in a collapsed mine in Copiapo. The miners sat in the mine since August 5 and August 22 rescuers found that the miners are still alive.

The officer stands in front of the machine that will be used to rescue the miners. The incident at the mine in the Atacama Desert, which produces copper and gold, occurred on August 5 when the tunnel leading to the slaughter, collapsed. It is believed that the miners are underground at a depth of 700 meters in seven kilometers from the mine entrance. (Claudio Reyes / EPA)

Relatives of the miners were trapped wave rescuers. The rescue team drilled a small hole to a depth of over 600 meters and used the camera on the rope to make sure that the miners are still alive. (Roberto Candia / AP)

Through the hole that is drilled rescuers have been omitted probe and a video camera, through which locked able to establish eye contact. This photo shows one of the miners Florencia Avalos captured on camera rescuers August 22. (Reuters)

The wife of one of the miners Lilianett Ramirez holds a letter from her husband in the mine on August 23. Chilean miners were trapped underground, were able to pass on the surface of the note attached to the drill, which stated that they were all alive. It was the first contact with the miners for 17 days after the collapse of the mine. (Ivan Alvarado / Reuters)


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