Rescued from the ground (33 photos)

Chile completed an unprecedented operation to save the miners underground captivity. For the happy end of the tragic history of observed worldwide. 33 miners spent on a tiny patch in a collapsed mine a record 69 days. The last of the underground captivity was released 54-year-old Luis Urzua shift supervisor. On the surface, the miners were waiting relatives and friends of miners met personally by President Sebastian Pinera. The Head of State personally thanked the latter rescued miner - shift supervisor for the fact that he helped his companions to survive during the first 17 days before rescuers managed to establish contact with them. Unprecedented rescue operation was launched on the eve of about 6:15 MSK. Before rescuers was given the task - to raise the surface of all the miners for 36 hours. However, the operation failed to complete much earlier. Miners lifted to the surface one by one in a metal capsule with a depth of 624 m. At the insistence of doctors were the first to raise the most healthy and mentally prepared miners, who were to experience the perilous climb up the narrow vertical tunnel.


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