Happy saving miners in China

More than 100 Chinese workers pulled alive from yesterday flooded coal mine, where they had to have sawdust and bind themselves to the walls of the mine belts to avoid drowning during sleep. Rescued miners were wrapped in blankets, some covered his eyes sensitive to light. Rescuers carried the miners to the waiting ambulance that howl sirens lucky survivors to nearby hospitals. One of the miners had found the strength to rise to the stretcher and shake hands with the rescuers. Rescuers in tears hugged each other, and the happy rescue was broadcast on the main TV channels of the country. This salvation - rare good news for the mining industry - the most dangerous in the world. At 16:30 local time, rescued 115 miners. A total of 153 were walled mine workers, thus, 38 of them are still in the mine. Rescuers reported that these workers save, but did not say whether they have contact with them.

Miner rescued from the mine Vantszyalin, are in hospital in Heidzhin in Shanxi Province on April 5. (AP / Ng Han Guan)

Lifeguards endure miners from a flooded mine in Shanxi Vantszyalin April 5. (AP / Xinhua News Agency / Yan Yan)

Rescuers pulled from a flooded mine miner "Vantszyalin" in Shanxi province April 5. The miners spent under the ground more than a week, and hope for their salvation had already begun to fade when rescuers heard knocking from under the ground. (AP / Xinhua News Agency / Yan Yan)

Rescued miners carried to ambulances from a flooded mine in Shanxi Province. (AP / Xinhua News Agency / Yan Yan)


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