20 facts about China that may surprise you

Bill gates wrote in his Twitter account stating that he was very much impressed by the statistics given by his favorite author, canadian scientist Vaclav Silom. SMIL says that in the years 2011-13 the Chinese have used more cement than the U.S. for the entire 20th century! Their calculations a canadian scientist is substantiated by data from the U.S. Geological survey. Vaclav SMIL thinks cement consumption in the United States in the last century amounted to approximately 4.4 gigatons, and China in the years 2011-13 and 6.4. The gigaton, recall, equals one billion tons.

There is no dispute that the scale of construction in China in the last couple of decades are really impressive, but the Americans in the 20th century did not sit idly by. They also had a fairly huge construction projects. That there are at least the Hoover dam and the skyscrapers. Nevertheless, Vaclav SMIL sure of the correctness of their calculations.

China – exotic country. To understand Chinese is often difficult, and sometimes impossible. May 20, the following facts will help to understand the mysterious Chinese soul.

1. Wealthy people in China hire twins and send them to jail for him to serve his sentence. Stints with the twins is not a rare and isolated fact, and common practice. On this occasion, even there is a saying: "America is ruled by law, in China – people".

2. China to blame in 29% of air pollution in San Francisco In China are very serious problems with smog and air pollution, and she generously shares them with the rest of the planet.

3. In China more people speak English than in the U.S. this is not surprising, if we recall that China's population is more than 4 times the population of America.

4. In China, there is a website where you can take a rental girl for only $ 31 a week However should not immediately pack my bags and go to China because...

5. ... if all the Chinese to force to pass in front of you, lined up in a column one by one, it will never end due to the speed of reproduction of the population. The demographic problem and the problem of population growth – one of the most acute in China.

6. One Chinese recently burned in the gastric mucosa through hole Because it was too much like super acute and very hot soup. The doctors were amazed to see a real hole in the wall of the stomach 26-year-old resident of the province of Wuhan, delivered to reanimatsionnoe office directly from the restaurant. Soup "Mala" is made from chili peppers and the special Sichuan pepper, known for the fact that it causes numbing of the mouth. By the way, the name of the soup translates literally as "hot daze".

7. In order to take a vast army of builders and to maintain a high pace of economic growth in China are building dozens of cities. The result of the construction boom are Ghost towns where nobody lives, and also record the consumption of cement and other building materials.

8. 17-year-old student from Anhui province sold his kidney in order to raise money to buy an iPad. Instead of the agreed 3 thousand dollars to the young man was given another $ 300. So to the sacred tablet he also added iPhone.

9. Farmer Kan Warnanya of Yunnan province, killed and ate the last Indochinese tiger in China was sentenced to 12 years in prison. In his defense he stated that he killed the predator in self-defense and that is not recognized in this animal protected by the authorities. The court also ordered him to pay a fine of 480 thousand yuans (70 thousand dollars).

10. Yangshuo, a small town in Guangxi province, is famous for its karst hills and is considered the most beautiful in China and one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is best to admire its beauty in a balloon.

11. One of the serious problems in China is the brain drain. 7 out of 10 Chinese who went to study abroad, not to return home. The most popular among them are United States. In the US most large Chinese Diaspora.

12. Brad pitt traveled all over the world, but never been to China. He will never be able to visit this country, because starred in the 1997 film "Seven years in Tibet", recognized in China anti-China propaganda. The same unenviable fate befell the actor David Tulisa also starred in this film, and who made his Director Jean-Jacques Annaud.

13. The longest traffic jam in China lasted almost 100 kilometers and resolved only in 11 days. It was formed in August 2010 on the road linking Beijing to Mongolia.

14. By 2025, China will have 10 cities the size of new York. The population in 10 years, according to demographic projections, will increase by 350 million people.

15. All pandas living on the planet live in China. The only pandas outside China's border, was leased by the Chinese authorities. If in a foreign country they are born the cubs, they, too, are considered property of Beijing.

In international politics there is even the term "Panda diplomacy.

16. Jiang Feng not only divorced his wife, but sued her in court, accused of fraud. The trouble began after the beautiful wife gave birth to a daughter. Moreover, that girl was ugly, so she absolutely was not similar to parents.

Spouse Jiang Feng before and after plastic surgery

After Jiang accused the wife of infidelity, she admitted that before meeting him has made a plastic surgery which cost her 100 thousand dollars.

17. In China alone, visitors to IKEA stores are allowed to rest and sleep on the furniture sold. The Chinese are workaholics. They work very hard and need rest.

18. In China, a lot of suicides. It is not surprising that in this country there is an extremely rare profession – catchers corpses that caught the drowned from the river.

19. Recently, China surpassed USA and became the first economy of the planet, the IMF last autumn really recognized the Chinese economy the first in the world, but in purchasing power.

20. In China, a very popular soup made from birds ' nests. The soup of bird's nest is considered a delicacy not only in China, but almost in all Asia. published

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