Abandoned mine shaft and something else

Not all object abandoned. But most of the time and effort we have spent it on something that abandoned ...

Nedalekoot Yekaterinburg have mine. What is now mined, I will not say, but before there was mined gold. Next to the existing surface mine is abandoned Koper. The tower itself is interesting because this is a huge concrete structure height of several tens of meters. We arrived at night in a snowstorm, but the view from the top was still impressive.

However, we have not come to that. Koper This is an abandoned mine shaft in which we descended. We put the system as places without insurance can not do, and he climbed into the trunk. This is a huge concrete pit, six meters in diameter and about 700 (!) Meters deep ...

Descending the staircase to the shaft
In the center of the well would have to go stand with the ore, but now
leaving only a central metal pillar rail. And the wall
well, closed grid of gaping blackness of space mines
a staircase. Not along the vertical wall, and spans both on
Tower cranes, which is much more convenient. And nothing, not down
difficult, if not water ...
At the top of the well, through the slots
passes groundwater. In winter, it is, of course, it turned to ice. And
gradually, during the descent, we were immersed in this realm of ice. Huge
icicles, frost or rather, completely covering the walls and metallic
fence stairs, gradually narrowed as the shaft itself and
It covers an area on the stairwells. We had to squeeze and
bend, then hollow ice, knock down the icicles that can cover
us during the descent. Extreme short. Backpacks have to shoot from the back and
Get down to the hands. The most terrible was when my backpack (with an expensive
camera!) popped he whistled a couple of spans and shmyaknulsya on the ice.
Test for Camera bags (enemy does not want such a test) - saved the technique ... I
then I horrified at the thought that the backpack can jump behind bars in the trunk

Himself shaft. Full ice ...

But it was still the easy part of the descent. With the immersion into the ground
the temperature began to rise, the ice began to melt slowly and
a certain height, instead of ice, we plunged into a continuous stream of water.
Absolutely no ice! All soaked to the skin. Photographic technique again saved the bag,
plastic bag and my concern about it.)
More than two-thirds of the way we
down in the water. Total descent took 3:00 ... At the bottom of the arms and legs were shaking,
clothes can be pressing. But we were standing on solid ground. In
concrete pit appeared side portal leading into a narrow shaft.
It abandoned its part. It's dark, dirty, and terribly quiet.

Abandoned mines branch / Companions / Stove

The next couple of hours we spent in the mine. Abandoned tunnel littered
overturned trolleys and other randomly Valya
iron things. But we quickly went into the operating mine ...

it was about four hours in the morning, so the bottom of the miners was not, but they
presence is constantly felt. Lights were buzzing transformers,
trolley filled with "ore" and stand near the "lift". We went around the land of
two parallel tunnels. In the wall between them, a thickness of 5-7 m,
cubby miners is landlocked in both tunnels) instead of door
- Canvas curtains. Inside - benches, homemade elektropechka
(included!), several metal cabinets, safes and other stuff.
In the same plate "work here!" And chalk on the tube - "Wash your hands before
food! ". On the walls of the helmet, on the table in circles. If just here
miners emerged. The helmets we photographed)

Room miners carved between the tunnels.

tarpaulin curtain room. Around a lot of equipment, machinery and
other stuff. In five meters to the left - on the operating shaft
which runs the elevator.

The room inside. Even the Christmas tree is ... Ahead - the second exit.

Generally there is scary, the ceiling reinforced by a reinforcement with the plugs,
even incomprehensible as the holding. Only in a few places there are concrete
formwork. On each side of the tunnel rather big flowing stream, the narrow-gauge rails
sometimes buried in the clay Chach. Few took off. Initially optics
fogged, but then got warmer. But not me). And I came home wet.
Overall, there was fun. Not that I was interested in diggerstvo, but the first
step has been taken. In fact, for me it was the more adventure - even for
Several hours before the trip, I did not know about it. I think that is where I no longer
climb (painfully napryazhno), at least in winter. Posvetopisat under
land can and other objects. But at Koper has to climb - it is necessary
sure ...



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