Abandoned houses

Worldwide grand mansions, stately homes and other rich residence that turned into ruins are reminders of the past and the luxury transience of time. Reasons to give up luxury and rich mansion can be many: war, attack, move, devastation, murder and more. Today, the crumbling remains of large buildings serve as a window into the time and are of great value to researchers abandoned estates. 1. Abandoned house on the waterfront in Istanbul Turtsiya.

2. Abandoned house "Shateau de Noisy», Belgiya.

3. The case of an abandoned mansion on Filippinah.

4. Abandoned splendor: Hall Syutton Skarsdeyl.

5. Castle Ruppera: an abandoned mansion in Uelse.

6. Abandoned Mansion in Auvergne, Frantsiya.

7. Abandoned house Tyrone, County Galway, Irlandiya.

8. Mansion on Lake Leven, Shotlandiya.

9. Mansion: «Shandon», Shotlandiya.

10. Abandoned Mansion in Uelse.

11. Spectacular mansion in Portugalii.

12. Abandoned columned mansion New Mira.

13. Abandoned Mansion in New Jersey, United Shtaty.

14. House in Bangladesh, South Aziya.

15. Abandoned Art Deco mansion in Gonkonge.

16. Abandoned Mansion in Taichung, Tayvan.

17. Abandoned house, «Rhinebeck», New York.

18. Mansion Durrou, Eyre.

19. Abandoned «Villa de vecchi» (House with ghosts) 78,279,172

20. House in the island, Polsha.

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