Angola, or live negros

A friend had the experience of a trip to Angola as an agronomist, he spent 2 years there ... I decided to post it here a couple of interesting stories, original spelling preserved ...

People often ask me whether in Angola such sky-high prices, says tyrnet. The answer :)
Yes, the prices are just fucked up. The choice is. Yes, Che I will lie to you, then there is no much choice.

Who goes there not for his grandmother and a mission - of course, quickly find the hotel "Tropico". Find it easy - tripadvayzer to help. Photos - the same, but one of tyrneta steal, so readers do not make pictures for parashnoy climb in the net

Will be 70 photos
Let's start with the past. How much it was - I do not know. We can see how it was:

As it became:

from $ 800 per night per bed space. Book you need for a month, and sometimes more - places usually never have. While I will not argue, I do not care for this hotel majors and employees diamond-oil companies.

View better. And I do not care on the horizon piled on my pics.

Honestly, when I made these pictures, I did not even know what this building. I pinned system "antirygalovo" installed on the windows. For example. He wants some passenger slut pull out the room's balcony on the windowsill, and on top - five floors occupied by Russian tourists who smoke only in the box (well, cigarette butts on the folk tradition ...) surprised me in this case is unrealistic blacks caring about their customers. In real life - they are all deeply sneezing, unless of course you made an advance payment for the week ahead.

it was the view from the main street, where the main entrance.

But another reality, they see those guests who do not go out of the window on the main street.

View better, normal urban reality of the city center. it is 100 meters behind the hotel Tropico. Typical apartment in the seemingly ordinary apartment building. If you look closely, you can learn much native features. What is not surprising - the Cubans built on the Soviet project. I think Cuba of five-story building - a dime a dozen. Those who live in such a house - are the envy of everyone else. First they lived in the flats! Secondly, 5 steps from Red Square in the city center. In fact, they actually lived in five steps from Red Square in Moscow counterpart, but the Chinese government sold area, and now they are building 100 casino floor. And the estimate, and will not pass 20 years and someone will visit a great idea - and we Nájera Red Square in the heart of a densely populated metropolis? All the same, there is no army, to win the Second World War all lozhili big and thick, parades had been carried out will not be sawed missiles and roll. And sell to the Chinese territory. Well, they know how to properly dispose of such zem.uchastkami :)

Chegoy I digressed. The cost of apartments - from 300 units to lemon. Rent - green 7000 per month. And fuck you think? There would be close to the metro station - it would be even more expensive. :) (Just kidding himself, he laugh, will never in my life have blacks subways)

Since we were talking about high-rise buildings, it is necessary to say a few words about the insides, once we consider the appearance.
Each staircase - a unique flight design ideas, Lebedev obzaviduetsya :) is not like the old woman in a smart watches a intercom. By the way in a smart man with a gun sitting just African craze. Machines mostly rusty such that the union - is guaranteed lip.

Number of metal grids - sometimes triple, as in the photo below. pyatirnoe happens. Learn Muscovites - soon you all will have to do so. The more hachey ponapustite to him, the closer you are to the days!

voluntary prison for big loot :)


tub with ficus

This is the fifth floor, and surprisingly some naively trusting tenants - only one outdoor pit stop battens in the stairwell. There are two within the individual security level, but little things no one believes.

Forget all about the centralized supply of electricity, water and sewage. All this every kvartirovladelets organize themselves. And nobody fuck, what floor who live. You live in the 15 - to push myself to the 15th floor tube with water, electricity, well, the rest of the communication, who like Che. In this photo we see how all this crap goes on in the area of ​​6-7 floors, and there is still more ...

When you run out of water, you call kid, Zsuzsa arrives and fills your water barrel. Water way - dialed directly from the nearest river, I took it for devices - virtually disstilyat - 120 ppm. One of the advantages of a total lack of industry in thousands of kilometers around. Someone at the bottom of the barrel and have someone on the roof top. So live everything. And in mansions and high-rise buildings. Sewage is organized in a similar way - downstairs in the basement of the house there is a storage cask, where all the shit, and regularly govnovozka somewhere removes these results. All residents are aware that with ease and ease any of them can not come - or both. Zhekov No, no no one claims.

I live in a hotel type oshpedariya, one must understand - the private sector. That managed to take a picture fresh prices. The paper was still warm from the printer. The previous price was in 2006, and about twice as expensive. Yes, you read that right - the prices fall in Luanda. Type crisis because. it is the price of March 18, 2013 on Monday.

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For those who are not in the subject Portuguese - take away two zeros at the end - you get value for money in petrodollars. Roughly speaking, for 135 bucks - you can sleep in the clean and jerk in the room meter on without windows and ventilation. For 165 bucks is even a bed. If two beds - as lucky. I mean how lucky barman - if we succeed, it will remove from you 275 bucks for each bed. If the client is in the subject, and know the password - this amount will pay for a room with two beds.

Well, there is one so-called VIP room with Jacuzzi killed in the shit, which plug the drain and the pump does not work puzyrkovaniya. In general, in fact - the same ordinary shower. 330 bucks for a short number. There are two double beds and all such rooms are designed exclusively for whores. Whore in the room are not included.

If anyone interested in the details - to bring down

So is, as a bonus track I can show a little rolling colonial property that damned Portuguese oppressors imposed on the neck held high advanced and free black population of Africa. Let's just say, not all hotels have found incarnation in the next, post-revolutionary life. As you can see from the title, untouched by time, this hotel bore the proud name of "Magic." Now on the first floor arranged a cafe on the second floor living homeless, which even vpadlu wash curtains and window glass. And not because there is no money, just for the last 400 years there was no time. I am sure the owners, the Portuguese, who built this hotel - would have shot out of a broom, seeing as negros belong to the private property that they themselves did not create. So, a little bit of the magic of Africa.
Transform in a candy shit:

But I would be quite surprised if it turned out that this is a valid hotel. But in my opinion - it's private apartments. After the revolution, all the buildings were distributed fairly, in a queue. Who was the length of the barrel in his hands - and he received temporary documents. Temporary, because about once a week there was a change of owners.

Prices will not say, but in any case - sky-high, so take my word.
I understand that the magic of this technique for a long time and successfully adopt the policy in Ukraine and neighboring Rashi. But this is just what is understandable, we used for decades taught African redneck engineering science, and now, in otvetku our cattle learn from blacks how to engage in politics. Including how to dispose of the legacy of the former Red oppressors.

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There are certainly plenty of other hotels and resort oshpedary. They are all around plus \ minus both from a single copier. But this will be discussed in a separate report.

Another of his report - the trek to the coast.
Usually on Sundays I go to the ocean to swim. the road is not very long - 30 minutes on foot. I go to Plage more often than once a week, but on weekdays hard workers do not want to go to the hacienda - fear that their ulichat in idleness. In Odessa and the Crimea standards - it is close. But in contrast to Ukraine, then there is no concrete fences across the beach every 50 meters. Nope debris. all Zakopane in the sand watermelon peels and others of rubber creature comforts. Gates in general buzz, so - go. This time I took the camera. I take with me one or two blacks. Not because it is dangerous, but because it is boring. Blacks do not need to sunbathe, swim and none of them can not. They are the same boring, and they are happy to make me company.

The road looks like. CHERNOZEMS not here. Therefore, everywhere - sand. Road bulk, because the sea level is about 2-3 meters, and during the rainy season, many areas zataplivayutsya. Road poured trucks, stealing sand for construction purposes Luanda.

Ahead overcome one of these depressions road.

The level of the world ocean - the mark "0»

It is the deepest station on our way, when there is no rain, the depth just above the ankles. After heavy rains - on the scrotum.
Currently only the beginning of the season, so as such there was no rain, except for two or three storms last month. The first is Joaquim - handyman.

This is followed by Joshua builder. Joshua - Namibian tribe Kunjam. He had never seen the sea, today is his first impression. So I decided to do photo review, I naturally go to third. Normally, I go first, because mechanically go fastest.

Already half way. To my chagrin 2 megapixel camera mobile telephones can not convey the depth of the pan. It does not help even a lift to the mound. There - on the horizon, the Atlantic Ocean. Fortunately, in this particular case, the horizon of a 15-minute walk away.

Another, this time a shallow puddle. It may simply bypass the edges. I do not want to use terms - curb or sidewalk.

Comes excavator, a couple of days they steal intense sand, then move to a new location.

Poluchayutsya a result here are landscapes. In the resulting live tilapia ponds. Local name - caucuses. Negros terribly fond of her, it is for them as for the Ukrainians - fat. But unlike fat, this fish - a simple ordinary carp, tasteless and bespontovaya.

On the way we have to go through a fishing village. Population is engaged in fishing. If you get there at the time of pulling out the network, and it's about 13-00, you can buy a choice directly from the network any ocean fish for a penny. But ocean fish - very tasty. True network catches and shit all types of acne, snakes, and something more deadly or poisonous.

Entering the village, once the right relatively prosperous family otgrohali currently almost palace complex.

On the left - well. where the whole village to draw water. In principle, they have enough money to be thrown off the entire village and put a water tower. But negros are all very dull.

Right at the entrance to the village - the central square. Used mainly for turning auto-transport.

Then there is the opportunity to look through my eyes to the simple life of fishing. Comment here is nothing special, so I split the collection into groups - mansions, streets, shops. So mansions:
In the center we see a public restroom. He's not alone, of course, but I will not, I run through the village to take a picture toilets, I do not Lebedev.



and more

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and further. One post - one photo ??? uncomfortable ...

and more















It should be noted that not all houses - down and out. As can be seen from the previous pictures - who have no money - KIT collect a set of palm leaves. Who is richer - molded tin. Here for example is the glamor:

... And yellow!

There are of course the church:

There is also a shelter for goats. It differs from the mansions he absence of the roof.

A separate line should be noted that such a thing as a window blacks did not stick. I tried to find out why they do not make the windows of the houses, to which I answered - windows, it's tempting to thieves. Therefore, such a box with no windows - a stronghold of reliability and guarantee the safety of property. I do not what to argue. at such a wise attitude to Safety.

Actually, I do know - they do not have brains. to build a box. Stuck in the sand sticks and sheathe 6 (tie) than they have for this brain is not needed. The roof of these buildings is maintained only by piled on top of the load. We all know that in nature, brainless animals build a house for himself much better than these "people". BUT! If necessary, vyzyvaetsya superprodvinuty specialist who knows how to embed window. But this is only for commercial purposes :) Well, in general, if the mind can not understand Russia, the blacks do not understand even the ass. Because the brain is likely they do not have.

Now outlets. The village has probably a dozen shops of the "kiosk". Any such initiative is the default, and a bar and restaurant. That is where you can plunk viskarya and eat boiled cassava.




Here we crossed this lovely village, closer to the waterfront. On the left you can see the fish shop. By the way that's why I never once tried to fish here. The fish are spread on all surfaces, and wait when it comes to fucking. After two to three days the relationship of rotten fish with flies and the rest of insects, it is possible to eat. I am not kidding. It stinks - indescribably. But if you burn it on the grill, all this rot starts to stink worms are many times stronger. And then it is for them is the most gusto! Makarevich with their dishes - a rest!

Village from the beach separates one line of a certain type of sand dune, ugly overgrown cactus. Since this hill can be turned to assess the part of the panorama:

You're just along the waterfront boulevard

And here we have the goal of our voyage.

Classics of the genre - the sun, the Atlantic Ocean, Boat, beach, pelicans ...

Joaquim krivlyaetsya portraying me because I am constantly in sunglasses. He does not know how to read and write, nothing in life is not seen, I taught him to swim. He wants to be an important and tough, and indeed all other negros. And part of the importance it already has, because he has - the personal white dude. And it's cool itself.

Joshua (left), Namibian, and therefore the presence of white it does not touch them. In Namibia, for each account for 20 white black.

Since the white beach in this never happens, my presence is of some interest. That's where my company was useful because it is not the most dangerous Gopnik, it's - women. Get rid of them is much more difficult. And not because they are attractive. For negritoski there is nothing better than to give birth to a mulatto. Mulatto like everything - and white, and black. In this country, rowdy AIDS. And the mass of the rest of this topic ...

It is time to water ... the more that it is always hot.

Here is another amazing moment, bathing in swimming trunks there is indecent. To have to swim in shorts.

It's time to go back. If someone did not see the blooming cactus - look.

Cactus grove.

Out of the village ...

The output of Joaquim tries to remove heifers ...

Heifers said. they want white, I gave the command to include a fifth gear and immediately return to the hacienda.

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