Invited to guess the nationality of the girl. Answer under the cut. I promise, it's truly amazing!

Perhaps you will laugh at first, but this girl - Ebony. Well, not quite black, of course, but the root of an African. More precisely Arab. More precisely Berber. Berbers - considered the main indigenous people of Morocco. The very planted with such favorite in Russia Moroccan tangerines.

But few know that in fact rooted in Morocco are considered representatives of the tribe amazahov.

Now the tribe has on different sources from four to six million people.

To evaluate the lot or a little to the tribe, say that Estonians, for example in the world there are about 1, 1 million. Nevertheless Estonians consider people and amazahi just something simply tribe.

Black Continent say? A make-up women you do not like?

Well ... Camels drink, tangerines mow, you need to grind rye. Husband hunting crocodiles return, pancakes eat.

What is there in school books about the great migration of peoples wrote?

Maybe it is true that all Russian came from Africa?

Follow the drawings that adorn themselves amazahskie beauty. That was not boring, here's the basic elements of Russian national ornament.

By the way, genetically amazahi close more and Armenians. Nothing surprising. Purebred Armenians also have quite Slavic appearance, like the Iranians (Persians) and Afghans with the Pakistanis.

Maybe someone has a grandmother, able to read these signs?

I would venture to suggest that the patterns on the skin - clear information environment, about the same as military insignia. According to figures can be found in the kind of woman and her status. Girl, bride, married or widowed.

"Jumble" by her crying ...

It so happened that the photographer is paid more attention to the women of the tribe. Condemn him for it is impossible, because the Berber girls are incredibly beautiful, but I noticed another detail: the role of women of the people amazahov absolutely beyond with traditional notions of Berber tribes. You come to mind looking at these people, that they in the position of the powerless slaves, as is customary among the Arabs? No. Clearly, women amazahov if not managed by men, do not be amazed at all the rights. And feels a huge concern for children. Amazahskie girls feel princesses, unlike children in Muslim Arab countries.

Causes enormous respect the fact that these wild negros retained their cultural identity nor matter what. With a sense of frustration, I realized that they were in a life more like Russian than themselves Russian.

Well, just a princess! Imagine an Arab woman with this view?

This is already very serious. Cheekbones girls six- Solar Cross. In Slavic symbols known to me almost the same:

Note the phrase: - "use as undergarments amulet." Well, just a coincidence. Accidentally modern negros use the same symbols that our ancestors thousands of years ago in Russia.

Do not like? In such ruses headdress called forty.

Here, for example, Russian women dress Tula province.

Here such here they are real negros, and you did not know ...

Who else believes that the cross is a Christian symbol? And he is a subject which has become an instrument of execution? Well, well ... I wonder what would have been now on the domes of Christian churches, if Jesus would cut down with an ax?

Do not let the feeling of being with this guy I was in the same class. His ancestors were hereditary Cossack village of Chelm in the Kuban. I've been there, half of the village is the same face and hair. Just as the Negro in this photo.

Historians believe the Phoenicians founders alphabetic writing, they say it's the world they learn to write. Now look at amazahskuyu alphabet, and imbued with the knowledge that amazahi lived on their lands in Morocco before there were the Phoenicians. It turns out that the sailors and pirates traders saw ABCs just at the Berbers?

Well, the last fact today. You enjoy it. Do you know how to call Estonians abroad? - Russian. What is called the Chuvash? Russian too. Aochemu, no need to explain. Similarly amazahov all Moroccans call, not understanding that in Morocco multitude of peoples lives. So it turns out that the great "French footballer of Moroccan descent" too AMAZ nationality.

Moreover, one of the most beautiful women in the world Isabelle Adjani too radical of a Negro tribe amazahov!

Well? Now, perhaps, many see the world in a new way, and understand what we are actually deprived, deprived of history. Together with the truth about our ancestors, we lost disproportionately. And nothing to do with the territory, I do not want to quickly attach to the Russian North Africa. But knowledge about their close relatives, as it warms me. It's nice to know that there is, our. It would be nice it was, that they were aware of the relationship with the Russian. If the Germans knew that the Slavs their closest relatives, it is unlikely that they would go to the 41st shoot at us, right?


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