Here is what the oath is to give your wedding day

The promise of love and fidelity to the wedding day will not surprise anybody. Words, of course, good, right, but it was too impersonal. Out of them, this promise of this sacrifice. Whether business promise to your sweetheart will never go without it for sweet. Huffingtonpost conducted a survey among its readers, and they said, any oaths want to get or give.

After all, these cute little naive promises are full of true understanding of the desires of those around, full of wisdom, and this ordinary sacrificial love. And if in the most solemn day in front of all your friends and family to hear such a truly valuable oath, the tears will be very difficult to contain.

We are in the Website and touched a hurry to share this beauty with you.
And what vows on their wedding day, you want to get from your favorite?
And what would you have promised yourself a favorite?

I promise every time calmly remove shoes from the middle passage, regardless of how many times a day you're there take off one's shoes. < I swear not to interfere look you interesting and favorite TV shows even if you seriously piss me off. I promise to strive to carry out with you every day, to be always and everywhere with you. li > I promise to always listen to you, even if you say incoherent and illogical things. I swear not to leave only one sip of the juice in the refrigerator and always drink up started carton of milk before you open another one. I promise not to eat your candy from its hiding place, even though I think you eat too many sweets, and that you have enough. promise to always be on my side, when we play with your friends. promise me not to sleep until I choose a movie for our evening. I promise never to tell you the movie ending, even if much want, and never disclose the book of secrets that you are now reading. I promise to always give you taste the most delicious pieces, when I cook. I promise to always trust you route selection in the journey. After all, there are always plenty of ways to have fun anywhere, so why worry about it? Swear I always try something new in the restaurant only at home and never without me. < I promise to always kiss you in the left temple, when you have a headache. I swear always to do intimate things in the bathroom with the door closed, I promise to keep it a secret from you. I promise not to talk to you down, especially when I know that you're right. I swear to stop responding to your questions sarcastically. I promise not to worry about like our pair looks in the eyes of other people I promise never to look at you with such a straight face:.
"I'm surprised you do not know it». I promise, before you start to quarrel and shout, to make sure that really the reason is, and not just in a bad mood. I swear that I will not plan my life without you even in small things. I promise that in our house will always be a sausage and is always toilet paper.
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