Top ten unusual oaths

In some cities in England to this day, operates original tradition: one who on January 1 will vow not to quarrel with his wife and keep it for a year gets bacon at the expense of the city. From 1144 to 1908 this award was given to only eight men.

10th place: The most terrible oath Arabs are not considered an oath by Allah. Was one oath which Muslim men, with the wealthier they are, the stronger was the oath with all divorce their wives.

9th place: The ancient Japanese was customary to write the text of the oath on a strip of paper that klyavshiysya burned, and the ashes ate. The Japanese believe that in the case of perjury ashes turned into a poison.

8th place: The merchants in the old days used to swear out loud to himself and to renounce from said oaths. For example, if the oath "bursting eyes" himself added "lamb" to vow "not survive the day," added "dog." A vow to "otsohni hand" in mind added letter B ("otsohni sleeve»).

7th place: Everyone is familiar with the Hippocratic Oath. After this oath doctors are licensed to heal. However, the part of physicians deny this oath and this Israeli physicians. The Hippocratic Oath is not cultivated in Israel because of the pagan content: "I swear by Apollo-healer, Gikiey and Panacea, Asclepius and Hecate ...". (This is - a crime against the first and second commandments of Judaism: "I am your God, shall have no other gods before you my face"). And in general, as a joke, our doctors, after taking the Hippocratic Oath doctor on his neck "delayed stethoscope", and put the lives of a large red cross.

6th place: According to an old Flemish legend, one day at a certain rich Brussels nobleman's son was gone. The search was unsuccessful, and then despairing father, prayed to God, vowed that if his son there, he will set up his golden statue in the form in which it was found, and dedicated it to all the saints. Son found. Wrote.

5th place: in restaurants over the bar hanging horns, on which brings such oath: "Do not eat black bread, if you can get white, do not drink small beer, if there is strong, not to kiss the maid if you can kiss the mistress, and the best kiss both ».

4th place: Oath of pheasants was perhaps the most faithful in chivalry. Pheasants liked chivalry, not just fried. Fed them to the loud sound of the horn and the solemn rhetoric herald. And because pheasants have become a symbol of the highest nobility.

3rd place: In medieval Europe, to make oath that the person had to lay his hand on the Bible. But in ancient Ireland, a man committed ritual oath, his right hand on his (sorry!) Manhood.

2nd place: join international unions Bald, created in 1965 and employs about 250 people, recite the oath not to change her hair with his hand on a billiard ball, and then poured over their heads cognac.

1st place: The most solemn oath from the natives of New Britain was: "If I lie, let me happen to shake the hand of his own mother-in ...". In general, it is said that the most unbreakable oath at all times was knocked out on the gravestone: "I swear that I do not get married!".


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