Some facts about water

1. Hot water can zamerzhnut faster than cold

In the 63rd year, a Tanzanian student, Erast Mpemba spent some unconscious experiment freezing hot ice cream, he suddenly noticed that the hot mixture is frozen much faster if ordinary melted ice cream. When he showed curiosity ask your teacher about the cause of this effect, he made fun of him and said that this experiment does not have any relation to classical physics, but is only part of the "Physics Mpemba┬╗.
Despite this, the student still insisted on holding mini experiment. The result of observation confirmed Mpemba: under specific conditions the hot water freezes faster than cold indeed.

2.Bystroe cooling and freezing

Such a phenomenon, that is the freezing occurs at a time when tiny ice crystals forming to begin, you need some kind of point of education. In this situation, this point can serve as anything: from an air bubble, and finishing with a small floating debris in the water. If there is nothing of the sort - just water will continue to remain cold liquid without transformation into ice.
However, if this phenomenon still has water starts instantly transform into ice.

3.Harakteristiki water

In the 95th year experiment was carried out on the dispersion of neurons. Scientists who brought interesting and unexpected results. Physicists have discovered that when water molecules targeted neurons they are able to "recognize" only 25% of hydrogen protons.


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