Only white - the history of racism in the United States (11 photos)

In 1955, the patience of blacks in Montgomery (Alabama, USA) snapped. White finally Ueli black fences in public transport. According to the then laws, blacks did not have to take a bus in the first four rows of "whites only." If all the seats "for whites only" were busy, sitting blacks had to give up their seats with white passengers. And negros staged a boycott of the buses. To join the black population sympathetic whites. The buses were empty. Under pressure from the public authorities surrendered and offensive to "color" (after all, not only the oppressed blacks and mestizos, Indians and so on. D.) The laws were repealed.

An important detail: the boycott lasted for 381 days. Here one can learn from the struggle for their rights.

Caption: "Colored Passengers┬╗

inscription: "Only for non-ferrous customers┬╗

Among the bus drivers were not blacks and whites while some drivers were polite, too many of them allowed themselves to insults and curses against the blacks. It is natural to be heard on the bus as they shouted Negro "Black Cow", "niggers", "black monkey." Often negros fare at the entrance and then were forced to go again to get on the bus from the rear platform, and very often the bus left before the Negro came to the back door, taking his fare ... Negra forced to stand, although bus were empty seats "for whites only." Even if the bus passengers were not white and blacks jammed a lot, they were not allowed to sit on the first four places. But that was not all. If all the space reserved for whites, they were already busy, as the bus entered the new white passengers, negros, sitting on the non-reserved areas are behind the seats designated for whites, had to get up and give them a place. If the Negro refused to do it, he was arrested. In most cases, negros obey this rule without opposition, although from time to time, there are some who refused to submit to this humiliation. (Martin Luther King)

Colored sit back.

Label: White (White)

White - front, color - back. And do not smoke!

December 1, 1955 42-year-old African-American seamstress Rosa Parks Alabama refused to give way to a white passenger in Montgomery, man. She was arrested and sentenced to a fine. At the same time in the same year in Montgomery buses were arrested five women and two children, excluding black men, one black man was shot and killed the driver.

All as one, went on foot.

The buses were empty.

Many were transferred to the bikes.

Motorists began to bring up the boycotters.

Ku Klux Klan was not idle, and said terror: in response to the abolition of the racist laws of the new mixed buses were shelled, burned.


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