Orthodox Bomb

Once upon a time, even under communism in the last century, greedy imperialists invented the neutron bomb.
The neutron bomb was arranged very Tsynichno: after the explosion people evaporated immediately, and all things were whole. Come into the house - there is nobody, not a soul. Soup on the stove, meatballs in the refrigerator, clothes in the wardrobe. Put on your pants and live landlady.

The American imperialists are expected to use the bomb to move from America to the Soviet Union of Blacks because by that time they already negros quite zaimeli. But some blacks went to see the apartment under the guise of tourists and returned with crooked noses: they did not like - an apartment in America better. In addition, three days negros not seen in the Soviet Union, no dishwasher, no one, even in the Kremlin.

In general, a bomb and is not suitable and the imperialists have thrown it.
And * ui with them, with the imperialists, all the same, we still bury them, but at the same academicians Zeldovich and Schneerson invented in response not positrons, not hyperon bomb which is then to please the imperialists, too, was abandoned. And absolutely nothing, because in fact no bomb was not positron and hyperons, but a real Orthodox.

She acted just the opposite of the American if such a bomb dump example of Moscow, and Moscow should definitely lose it, all Muscovites remain alive, but will stand in the middle clear picture of the field.

Well, maybe there is still curly grove on the former site of the Kremlin.
Half of Muscovites course just three hours without their cell phones and Palm Pilots okoleet, this is understandable. The other half pogoryuet lightly over his apartment in Biryulyovo, and then cover up the shame mugs, dig on the site moonshine still dedom- stiffs buried so that no human bombs can not reach, and finally heal as indicated: about tomorrow and not thinking about yesterday not be broken. Quietly, modestly. What has grown - then grew. I took a bite from the tree and ate.


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