10 kinds of destructive weapons

January 16, 1963 the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev informed the world community that in the USSR there is a new weapon of terrible destructive force - the hydrogen bomb. Today review of the most destructive weapons.

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Hydrogen "Tsar Bomb»

The most powerful in the history of humanity the hydrogen bomb was detonated in the Novaya Zemlya about 1, 5 years before the official statement about the presence of Khrushchev's USSR 100-megaton hydrogen bomb. The main purpose of the tests - a demonstration of military might of the Soviet Union. While fusion bomb created in the United States, was nearly 4 times weaker.

"Tsar-bomb" exploded at a height of 4200 meters above sea level by 188 seconds after discharge from the bomber. Mushroom cloud explosion rose to a height of 67 km, and the radius of the fireball break was 4, 6 km. The shock wave from the explosion three times circled the globe, and the ionization of the atmosphere created during the 40-minute radio interference in a radius of hundreds of kilometers. The temperature at the surface of the earth under the epicenter of the explosion was so high that the stones were turned into ashes. It is worth noting that the "Tsar-bomb", or as it is called, "gruel" was quite clear - 97% of the power came from nuclear fusion, which practically does not create radioactive contamination.

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The atomic bomb

July 16, 1945 in the United States in the desert under the Alamogordo tested the first nuclear explosive device - a single-stage bomb «Gadget» on the basis of plutonium

The blast over Hiroshima. Photos of the Memorial Museum of the world (Japan, Hiroshima)


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