School in the American ghetto

The author of this photo essay 4 years working as a teacher in a school in the black-Latin American ghetto in the United States. Today we will go to short photo in this school and see the conditions in which local children learn.

US urban ghetto - a society in society as Indian reservation, but without legal formalities. The inhabitants of the ghetto rarely intersect with citizens from other areas, live their isolated life, with its own rules, values ​​and attitude towards the world. Do not confuse African Americans and Latinos living in other areas of American cities, suburbs and rural areas with the inhabitants of the ghetto - a different planet.

Cabinet of Mathematics. Poster "You are today used their brains?" With a monkey. Posted a white teacher, but she "own". And the racist overtones, even if it is present, nobody notices. This "friend" or "own" the ghetto are of particular importance. His allows for many, including those things which can not afford to white in regular schools.

Hall of Fame. There are supposed to be posted photos standouts. However, such was not found ...

Little incentive to study in the ghetto is not. At best, you will become a successful drug dealer or pimp and you will ride on the Ryan on the old Boomer. At worst, you'll valandatsya on social until the end of his days, of course, if you for something that is not sent to prison, and did not shoot. You can also, of course, become a pastor or sing in the church choir, but it is, of course, is not for everyone.

Africans have been known since people.

Advertisements on the door reads: "You kicked out of class? Relax in the music room ».

Negros, as our compatriots - masters trolling. According to the "rules" in every office should hang an American flag. Every morning, before the training, law-abiding American schoolboy - from preschool to high school student is required to get up and placing your right hand on your heart, sing the US national anthem, and then, following the voice of the speaker in the n-th time to repeat the oath of allegiance to the American flag.

But residents of the ghetto (not without reason) is deeply despise American laws and their guardians, and the range of their emotions toward the United States and the official authorities usually extends from open hostility to hatred.

So, the topic of Stars and Stripes flag, they are often very creative approach. Once, I saw in the office of one of the teachers of African Americans completely tattered, something soiled flag. It seems like not sap - hanging as expected, but that is in an indecent condition - so white masters of life are to blame, the money for the needs of the school district is not isolated.

In the picture - a young African-American teacher's office. Large size and even patriotic flag ornaments around the window. Here are just burning with love for Uncle Sam. But pay attention to the unusual black T-shirt on a specially attached hook. A closer look ...

A T-shirt ... the leaders of militant organization the Black Panther Bobby Seale and Huey Newton, in full gear. If someone does not know their slogan ...

Capitalism + = dope genocide

All power to the people!

The revolution in our time!

In general, the girl obviously came to the issue with a sense of humor ...

This is another study. Here the teacher contrasted Stars and Stripes Malcolm X ...

The truth is that school districts in the black ghetto really stands out a little money. And there reigns sometimes takes the most egregious forms of corruption and embezzlement.

In the photo - a globe in the office of the historian. Last globes imported to school, apparently, somewhere in the 70s.

After all, there is still our homeland - es - es - es p!

Oh, rejoice, the Communists of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region! City Lenin alive in the hearts of the American Negro!

A characteristic feature - South Africa literally ripped from the globe. Apparently, out of hatred for the apartheid regime and its Western sponsors))

Like other Americans, school teachers like to place on their tables pictures of family members, relatives, etc. This picture is not quite common in the ghetto. The teacher shows a black woman with her sister of her husband. Last - white. In the ghetto, the relationship of black women with white guys are not welcome, and married to a white - an extreme rarity. Negro came out of the white face harassment and in some cases ostracized, primarily from other black women (men-negros usually refer to such a more tolerant). If a girl from the ghetto and beyond the white, it is often either not very high social status-marginal leftist, socialist or communist solidarity with blacks in their hatred of the State, or a dip in the Negro ghetto subculture "Wigger" (ie, "The White Negro") of degraded urban working class.

And yes, the inhabitants of the ghetto really belong to Russian and Russian much better Americans of Northern Europe origin. Instinctively sensing that Moscow - a counterweight to those whom they so desperately hate)

As a bonus - a poster with the inventor of TV Vladimir Zvorykin in "scientific" office)



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