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Forbes magazine published a ranking of the highest paid players in hockey team at the Olympics. Let us know the names of the millionaires on ice. Alexander Ovechkin
Country: Russia
Club: Washington Capitals
Salary: $ 16, 8 million
Ovechkin made his debut for the national team in 17 years as a pupil of HC "Dynamo" (Moscow). So he became the youngest player of the Russian national team in its history. Captain Washington Capitals in 2008, signed with the club a record in the history of the NHL contract - 13 years and $ 124 million. In the year on the ice, he earns $ 9, 5 million, about $ 7 million it brought advertising contracts with Nike, Procter & Gamble, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Bauer and Kraft Canada.
The owner of a large number of sports awards and titles of the NHL, including four-time participant of the match All-Star (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011), a three-time top scorer of the regular season (Maurice Richard Trophy), a three-time most valuable player (Hart Memorial Trophy).

Sidney Crosby
Country: Canada
Club: Pittsburgh Penguins
Salary: $ 16, 5 million
Under the contract with the club for the 2013-2014 season, Crosby will receive $ 12 million. Despite a series of injuries in recent years, the captain of "penguins" and the Canadian team at the Olympic Games hockey player is the most profitable for advertisers. A contract with Reebok, Bell, Gatorade and Tim Hortons, he has earned over the past year another $ 4, 5 million. In 2007, Crosby signed up with Reebok to develop its own line of clothing SC87. Under this brand made clothes, shoes and hockey equipment. Stanley Cup 2009 Olympic champion in 2010.

Shea Weber
Country: Canada
Club: Nashville Predators
Salary: $ 14, 1 million
At Shea Weber has 14 years of contact with the "Predator" in which he will work for this time $ 110 million. In the 2013-2014 season, the club captain, the contract will bring $ 14 million, another $ 100,000 it receives from advertising contracts. Olympic champion Vancouver.

Zach Parise
Country: US
Team: Minnesota Wild
Salary: $ 12, 8 million
Zach Parise salary the club is $ 12 million a year, another $ 800,000 was brought to him advertising contracts with brands Ralph Lauren, Chobani and Got chocolate milk. Ice hockey was chosen captain of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Member of All Star Game in 2009. Zach's father played for Team Canada against the Soviet Union in the Summit Series hockey in 1972.

Ryan Suter
Country: US
Club: Minnesota Wild
Salary: $ 12, 1 million
Suter joined the Minnesota Wild as a free agent before the season 2012-2103 years, signed a 13-year contract for $ 98 million. In the year of ice hockey player earning $ 12 million, another $ 125,000 in the past year, he has brought a promotional contract with Gillette. Manufacturer razors Suter has involved the whole family in the Olympic advertising. Ryan and his Uncle Gary - silver medalist, and his father Bob became an Olympic champion in the national team of the United States Hockey in 1980. Member of the NHL All-Star Game 2012, in Vancouver was an alternate captain of the US team.

Ilya Kovalchuk
Country: Russia
Club: SKA (St. Petersburg)
Salary: $ 11 million
The former captain of the Russian team (now - Pavel Datsyuk) was the first Russian hockey player selected by the first number in the NHL draft (in 2001, the club Atlanta Thrashers). In 2010, he signed a 15-year contract for $ 100 million with the New Jersey Devils. But in July 2013 the athlete decided to finish his career in the NHL, broke the contract and returned to Russia, where he became a player in the St. Petersburg SKA. Kovalchuk played three times in NHL All-Star Game, winner of the prize Maurice Richard Trophy (top scorer of the regular season NHL). Hero of the World Cup finals in 2008 Canada - Russia, scored the decisive goal in overtime, and Russia became the winner after 15-year break.

Evgeni Malkin
Country: Russia
Club: Pittsburgh Penguins
Salary: $ 9 million
The NHL Evgeni Malkin was in 2006, fleeing from the charges of HC "Metallurg" (Magnitogorsk) in Finland. Malkin began playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins, which unsuccessfully sued "Metallurg". In June 2013 Malkin extended his contract with "Penguin" for another eight years in which to earn $ 76 million. Malkin - the title holder Calder Trophy (best rookie season), Art Ross Trophy (top scorer of the regular season), Conn Smythe Trophy (most valuable player playoffs), Ted Lindsay Award (best player of the opinion of the players).
At the end of 2013 he signed a promotional contract with Head & Shoulders, and became the ambassador of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Malkin cooperation with Head & Shoulders will continue after the Olympics.

Zdeno Chara
Team: Slovakia
Club: Boston Bruins
Salary: $ 8, 5 million
Hara - the tallest player in the NHL, and the most titled athlete Olympic team Slovakia: it was he was entrusted to carry the country's flag at the opening ceremony of the Games in Sochi. On the ice, the captain of Boston Bruins earns $ 8 million a year (he works a seven-year contract for $ 45 million). In addition, $ 500,000 a year bringing Slovaks advertising contracts. With Hara Boston Bruins in 2011 won the first in 29 years the Stanley Cup. Hara speaks seven languages ​​- Slovak, Czech, Swedish, Russian, German, Polish, English, and now also studying Italian. He participated six times in the NHL All-Star Game in 2009, received the James Norris Trophy (best defender prize).

Rick Nash
Country: Canada
The club in the NHL: New York Rangers
Salary: $ 8 million
Salary "Neshera" - $ 7, 8 million per year. Promotional contract with its long-standing marketing partner Under Armour athlete brings an additional $ 150,000 per year. Nash played five times in the NHL All-Star Game in 2009, he was awarded the NHL Players Association for participating in charity events.

Jonathan Toews
Country: Canada
NHL: Chicago Blackhawks, United States
Salary: $ 7, 5 million
Sponsored earnings better hitter hockey tournament Olympics in Vancouver rose sharply after in 2010, the year Toews won the Stanley Cup and won the prize Conn Smythe Trophy (most valuable player of the NHL playoffs in the 2009/10 season). Under contract with the Blackhawks, he gets $ 6, 3 million per year, an additional $ 1, 2 million it earns on advertising contract with Bauer Hockey, Canadian Tire, Chevrolet and Lemonhead. Toews won the Stanley Cup twice (2010 and 2013) and twice participated in the NHL All-Star Game (2009 and 2011).



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