Incredible Adventures of the Mongols in Russia (18 pics + text)

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Recently in Moscow ended most marasmic sports tournament of all that I have ever seen - the world championship on hockey. I visited it only matches the national team of Mongolia, which in the "Olympic" is usually going about 60 spectators. The culmination of the tournament was a cult game Mongolia - Estonia, where the sons of the steppes were unable to please their fans and lost with a score of 0: 8.Gorech from defeat to me was offset by an acquaintance with prominent contemporaries - the first Mongolian cosmonaut Jügderdemidiin Gürragchaa and team leader Mongolia Ice ball Daavadorzhom Mungunhuyagom.

Difficult to find in Moscow is now more fun place than the hotel Radisson, which housed the participants of the world championship on hockey. Seriously for the tournament are only two teams - Russia and Sweden. The remaining 11 teams arrived in Moscow just for the sake of pleasure. Hockey players from Kazakhstan sit at the bar and compete to see who drink more. Dutch roam some smoked - with a brought something? On the floor, where the national team of Belarus, prostitutes more than the players. Canadians have fun in their own way - it's somewhere stolen truck, put it in his undersized shot, put diapers on him and put it in his mouth nipple. Hockey players bringing up their goalkeeper is not a trolley to all in a row hotel room, knock on the door and escape into wild laughter.

And only one team strictly adheres to a 22-hour retreat. They are real professionals. Their name - the Mongols.

Heirs of Genghis Khan participate in the World Championships Bandy third year. Two previous tournament they lost all the matches except one - against the Estonians. This time, the sons decided to wipe the steppes more significant achievements - and for the three months before the World Cup, they stated in the ... Russian Championship. Mongols allowed into the relegation where basically playing teams from the Irkutsk region.

It's been three months of success and progress. Told me vice president of the Mongolian Federation of bandy Choyzhilzhav Baasandavaa, his team is playing better and better with each match literally! The first game in the lowest league championship Russia defeated the Mongols Shelekhovsky "Metallurg" with a score of 0:38. In the second game they lost only 0:36. Soon, the difference in the score has fallen to 10-15 goals. Now Mongols have often lose less than a dozen balls, and their best result was a defeat with a score of 2: 7 in Bratsk. "Can you imagine, we already scored two goals and conceded just seven" - proudly notices Choyzhilzhav Baasandavaa. Saying good-bye, he hands a business card and I could barely suppressed laughter - his mailbox is on a domain

Name in Choyzhidzhava also not easy. On the Russian word for word, it means "Monday-Friday". On Monday, he was born Choyzhidzhav, and his sister was born on Friday. As told Choyzhidzhav, call children depending on the day of the week in which the child was born and his older brother or sister - a widespread practice in Mongolia.

Choyzhidzhav was kind enough to act as your interpreter to communicate with Davaadorj Mungunhuyagom. This 20-year old boy called team leader Mongolia, and for good reason - at the World Cup, he managed to score a goal and an assist to give.

"I do not consider myself a leader of the team - I am an ordinary bortovik" - modestly remarks Mungunhuyag. His name can be translated into the Russian language only partially. "Mungun" in Mongolian means "silver." But the word "huyag" has no translation.

-Why You are under 13-set tiebreak to speak, he is considered unlucky ?, - ask Mungunhuyaga.
-I Just gave number 13, that's all - meets Mungunhuyag.

Clarity of language in speech Mungunhuyaga is no accident - he learns to be a lawyer. A dream home Munhunhuyaga - to become a prosecutor. Then he will be able to earn $ 250 a month - for Mongolia crazy money! In the meantime, Mungunhuyag as the rest of the Mongolian hockey, lives on a $ 100 scholarship. To keep the family, this is enough. A month ago, the wife of a hockey player named Chimge gave birth to first daughter - Imuge. Young family lives in a yurt in Yulan Bator. Together with Mungunhuyagom, his wife and daughter, in a yurt and live Mungunhuyaga parents, and his five brothers and their families. I specifically said several times, is there in the tent any partitions. It turned out, no.

Generally Mongolian hockey players came to the World Cup is not just. They came to sell hats. "What we do not go far, always caps with a take - says Mungunhuyag. - Caps from fox skins - it's our national dress, and we in fact present in the championship all Mongolia. Yes, and heat in the hat! So without a cap in any way ».

Most of the players brought to Moscow for a few caps and successfully sold them. The question price - $ 100. In Mongolia, the players took them by 50. The main buyers - are players other national teams. It is said that trade negotiations were sometimes right on the ice during games.

The importance of hats in the Mongolian way of life and strongly suggests the story of my acquaintance with Jügderdemidiin Gürragchaa first Mongolian cosmonaut. They say he's the last one, though do not know. I wanted to ask, but I forgot. Because the first Mongolian cosmonaut, is a trustee of the hockey team, at first simply baffled strange act. Should go up to him and start a conversation, as Gurragcha immediately for some reason ... wearing fur hat.
-Vrode Heat, why do you need ?, cap - cosmonaut question.
-And We talk in Mongolia hatless considered disrespectful to the other party.
-You Sorry, but I have a hat with a no, do not want to offend.
Yes anything, it's just for the Mongols.

Jügderdemidiin Gürragchaa in Mongolia is one of the most popular people. In 1981 he was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" - for the successful implementation of international space flight and for displaying courage and heroism. Of course, the hero of Mongolia, he is also. Moreover, Jügderdemidiin Gürragchaa - one of the 76 deputies of the State Duma of the Mongolian, which is called the State Great Hural.

Mongolian fans (and their Moscow from Ulaanbaatar came a dozen) told me that I was very lucky in the sense that I found astronaut sober. It seems to be a very rare case. I do not know whether to believe them, but in fact we were talking with the astronaut in the morning and in his hand was a mineral water ... In any case Jügderdemidiin Gürragchaa made the best impression. I had never talked to astronauts, so the excitement even asked nothing really. Is that about the hat and talked about the general state of the sport in Mongolia. Gurragcha said he was very worried about all the Mongolian athletes, but its main priorities - volleyball and hockey.

Jügderdemidiin Gürragchaa used Mongolian Hockey Federation as bait. His great name and authority allow you to collect money for hockey. But, alas, not all funds collected serve the development of the Mongolian sports. According to head coach of Mongolia Eugene Vyborova (he is from Irkutsk), Mongolian hockey players should issue new skates, as half of the team immediately sold them.

Cap in the team too lacking. There are only eleven - as players on the court. A judge is not allowed to play hockey players without caps. Therefore, as told to the election, leaving the area under changes Mongolian players always pass capacitor his mate. However, I'm sorry, with saliva.

Mongolian players left their tent and swallow other people's saliva is not just. They do it in the name of the Olympic Games in Sochi. What would bandy was included in the Olympic program (and the Russian national team, respectively, would have received gold medals) that need to be involved in the sport as much as possible in a larger number of countries. Now in the world there are 23 national federations Bandy. In 10 of these federations do not have hockey teams. Federation is, and no team. Gaining. Mongolian Hockey Federation also operated two years without hockey.

All 13 of the world's national teams hold their matches in the sports complex "Olympic". He accommodates about thirty thousand people. On match Mongolia - US between sixty people present, not more.

Watch the match is ridiculous - American players easily beat all Mongolian defenders like pillars. Mongols once and do not resist - you depart away from rivals, bursting with the ball to the goal. When the score was 16: 0 suddenly a miracle happens - the ball somehow rolled into the American goal. Mongolian fan sector joy - above the roof. One of the Mongolian fans (I'd brought his name, but not something that can not remember, but could not even pronounce) explained: "This goal - a great success for the whole of Mongolia! For the first time in the history of Mongolia's national team in any sport, the US team scored a goal! ».
The match ends with a score of 1:17, but the Mongolian players happy. They photographed the entire team, sign autographs (!) Fans from Siberia (!!!). The biggest turn for autographs, of course, to Mungunhuyagu. "You have to beat Estonia tomorrow, we'll be rooting for you" - say Siberians Mongols.

Match between Mongolia and Estonia on the next day gathering unprecedented audience for both teams. About four hundred men! After all - Clash of the Titans, Mongolia - Estonia ... A dozen students from Spartak scarves chanting "Mongolia" and jokingly launch "wave". On the neighboring sector resorts girl and starts waving scarf CSKA, Spartak teasing. Everywhere sound horns and chanting "Mongolia Mongolia».

Universal enthusiasm is not shared by only Mongolian players. They allow Estonians to stamp out one by one, and trying so with the fifth Estonian team opens an account. Estonians are not slow. Yes, and not very much they Estonians. Of the 15 players in 12 Russian names - Smets, Popov, Tarabanov. Meets with no resistance from the Mongols, the Estonian team to break the scoring five goals. In the second half Estonians clearly saves energy, but nevertheless somehow reluctantly scoring three more times. The result - 8: 0, sons of the steppes broken to smithereens ...

What happened to the descendants of Genghis Khan? (Depicted on the bill tysyachetugrikovoy it was he) reveals the harsh truth of the match, head coach of Mongolia Eugene choice. It turns out that at a recent tournament in Ireland from the team simply ran six leading players. Not only that, the team was left without its best players, but these six traitors, even while living in Ireland, making confusion in the team. They constantly call the rest of the hockey players and also call them in Ireland, telling how wonderful they live there as illegal workers.

At the end of the story of the team of Mongolia - Mongolian impressive monologue coach Vyborova.

"After escaping the six key players play of the team had to be rebuilt. My biggest fear is just for those moments of the game when the ball is in our team, because we also organize chances to score in their own goal ... Sometimes we are able to smash the ball to someone else's half of the field ... But this is not enough, that would be fine to play " - philosophically concluded the coach.

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