The world's most expensive DJs

Today we want to show you the list of highest-paid DJs in the world. In assessing the income account of their fees for live performances, the income from the sale of records, branded merchandise and other components.

In the picture Calvin Harris

Salary: $ 46 million 29-year-old Scot last year earned more than such well-known musicians such as Jay-Z and Katy Perry, the first time in his career climbed to the top rating of Forbes. In February, he signed a contract with a major Californian club Hakkasan 70 shows in the next two years. Harris also found the gold mine in collaborations with pop stars - so he wrote the music and produced the sound for one of the top singles of Rihanna We Found Love. "Dance music in the last three years developing astronomical rate - said in an interview with the leader of the rating Forbes. - I just happened to be at the right time in the right place ».


Salary: $ 32 million Dutch DJ for many years holds the status as one of the most influential figures in dance music. Last year alone he played 140 large-scale shows and earned a record amount for themselves. Tiesto is a resident of the club's giant Hakkasan in Las Vegas, and a favorite of residents and visitors, "e Mecca" - the island of Ibiza. "In Ibiza I regularly traveled the last 10 years, and seemed to have nothing much will happen - said DJ Forbes. - And then I got an offer from Las Vegas. They offered me excellent conditions, not only in terms of money but also in terms of ambition - is a project of the biggest club in the world ».

David Guetta

Salary: $ 30 million French DJ is slowly but surely developed from underground Parisian clubs to stadium shows the scale and top spot in the charts of radio stations. He first took the path that is now going to Calvin Harris and many others. Guetta began to drift from the dance pop music and to cooperate actively with stars like The Black Eyed Peas and Usher. 45-year-old Frenchman losing position: for a year, he organized 120 performances around the world, including the warm-up gigs Rihanna and weekly residence in Ibiza.

Swedish House Mafia

Salary: $ 25 million DJ-trio of Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angelo Aksvella in March announced the completion of the project, in its current configuration. All three musicians are now focused on the solo show, but to enter the top 5 ranking they had the inertia of Swedish House Mafia.


Salary: $ 21 million DJ always plays sets in "mouse hat" serves many colleagues rarely rated, but each performance brings Deadmau5 at least $ 200 000. He regularly turns the plate in the same Hakkasan and actively participates in festivals. Moreover, the DJ has his own label Mau5trap.


Salary: $ 20 million 23-year-old Avicii - the youngest participant list. Swedish DJ has learned to reduce the record and writing music in his bedroom, using pirated software. "You do not need anything - he explains Forbes last year. - Just your computer. " The debut album Avicii due out in September. The first single, Wake Me Up already downloaded about 1, 7 million users worldwide.


Salary: $ 18 million Afrojack Nick van de Wall no secret of his commercial success. The well-known story: DJ bought a new Ferrari, the next day the car crashed, and a day later bought another. At 25, the Dutchman managed to collaborate with artists such as Chris Brown and Pitbull. However, he refused to go to the ubiquitous Hakkasan loyalty of his current residence in Las Vegas - the club Wynn Las Vegas.

Armin van Buuren

Salary: $ 17 million EuroTrans King for many years, it remains one of the most influential and recognizable figures in dance music. Van Buren to build on momentum: he has his own radio show, speaking for 120 times in the 12 months around the world, from Kuala Lumpur to Auckland. In May came the 5th studio album Dutchman. In the same month, the DJ played at the coronation of Prince Willem-Alexander.


Salary: $ 16 million Skrillex gets a six-figure fees performing in clubs around the world - mostly in the Wynn XS in Las Vegas, where he lives. Winner of three awards "Grammy" and earns a good idea to sell records. In addition to the "Grammy" last year won a DJ "Annie" for the music written for the animated film "Ralph».


Salary: $ 16 million in its '42 Kaskade is one of the overage DJs in the rankings. But it works, not yielding to competitors. During the year the DJ played more than 130 shows, mostly in the tour Freaks of Nature. By signing the contract with the club Encore Beach Club in 2010, Kaskade has become one of the first DJs who won fame in Las Vegas. Currently, he performs regularly at another club Vegas - Marquee.

Steve Aoki

Salary: $ 14 million over the past 12 months, Steve Aoki played nearly 270 shows - sometimes two a day. The son of the founder of the Benihana restaurant chain inherited the entrepreneurial flair of his father: DJ owns several restaurants, a nightclub and record label Dim Mak, and has contracts with beverage producer Olmec Tequila, chewing gum manufacturer Trident Gum and car brand Scion.

DJ Pauly D

Salary: $ 13 million Participant reality show Jersey Shore earns half of the evening some of his colleagues. But over the past year, DJ Pauly D has spent 90 shows in clubs and other venues that allowed him a second consecutive fall in the ranking. Reality show that has made famous Pauli, closed in December, but the performances are still brought him a good income. DJ Pauly D also boasts its own line of clothing Dirty Couture, created on the basis of vodka cocktail REMIX and transactions with companies SK Energy (manufacturer of power Street King) and SMS Audio (manufacturer of equipment) belonging to rapper 50 Cent.


Salary: $ 13 million producer debut in the ranking of the highest paid DJs of the world - mainly due to revenues from visiting performances both under his own name and in the framework created by them project Major Lazer. Diplo also created hits for Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Snoop Lyon (previously - Snoop Dogg) and starred in commercials smartphones BlackBerry.



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