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popular American Forbes magazine recently published an annual ranking of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Summing up fees of 10 leaders of the list, from May of 2011 to May 2012, the star earned $ 200 million. The comparable figure for dozens of the most highly paid actors of $ 361 million. The calculation of earnings Hollywood star is conducted by experts, taking into account advance payments, fees, interest payments to the rolling profits films , advertising contracts and other lucrative statey.580b3e401d.jpg

So Kristen Stewart, topped the list of most expensive actresses 22-year-old star of the cult teen melodrama "Twilight" Kristen Stewart. She managed to earn more than their more experienced rivals - $ 34, 5 million. The lion's share of income bring payments for the series of the saga - its fee for each novel was $ 12, 5 million. It is also still cash at the box office continues to collect and gothic fairy tale "Snow White and the Huntsman "in which the young star starred. Recently, the attention of the tabloids to the person Stuart skillfully warms the novel with a partner on the "Twilight" Robert Pattinsonom.15a349e2de.jpg

Cameron Diaz is the main source of income of the actress ($ 34 million). This year was the comedy "Bad Teacher." Despite the fact that by Hollywood standards budget picture was small, only $ 20 million., The tape has collected in hire more than $ 200 million. Diaz is one of the most sensitive commercial success zvezd.d65013163a.jpg

Sandra Bullock Income 47-year-old actress in this year amounted to $ 25 million. The main part of it - is getting a fee for the drama "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." In addition, Bullock still replenish their accounts at the expense of deductions from the movie "The Blind Side" (cash - $ 310 million), a role which in 2009 she received the "Oscar» .0791238e9d.jpg

Angelina Jolie wife of Brad Pitt in the past year did not starred in box office films, however, the regular income it brings interest on the profits of previous rolling hits with her participation and numerous advertising contracts with major brands, for example, with Louis Vuitton, - a total of $ 20 million. Jolie is one of the most cherished characters of gloss: the year she appeared 78 times on the covers zhurnalov.5f347c6c3f.jpg

Actress Charlize Theron, who is a native of South Africa's most famous in Hollywood last year starred in the author's tragicomedy Jason Reitman "Poor Rich Girl" and two blockbusters spring 2012 - "Prometheus" and "Snow White and the Huntsman." In addition, it is still the face of fashion house Dior. Income Theron - $ 18 mln.bb6cb2c69c.jpg

Julia Roberts is not the most successful year in terms of financial success was in one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. $ 16 million. Income mainly brought her film "Larry Crowne" and "Mirror Mirror» .a926503d63.jpg

Sarah Jessica Parker Despite the failure at the box office of the film "I do not know how she does it," the star of "Sex and the City" continues to receive royalties from the series. In the US, successfully sold a line of perfume issued by Parker. Also, the actress has a major advertising contract with the brand Garnier. Total revenue - $ 15 mln.d45a0bb553.jpg

Meryl Streep 62-year-old actress stubbornly leaving the list of the highest paid Hollywood stars, despite its venerable age. Last year Streep earned $ 12 million and received its third "Oscar" for her role as Margaret Thatcher biopic "Iron Lady» .87acb7411c.jpg

Kristen Vig star of the show Saturday Night Live, which is little known outside the United States, had revenue of $ 12 million, ahead of many distinguished colleagues. The reason - the break box office comedy "Bridesmaids" with Vig in the title role. Tape with a budget of $ 32 million at the box office has collected nearly $ 300 mln.a7f502bd62.jpg

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston romkomov for the year earned $ 11 million.

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