Night volcano Kawah Lien

Photographer Olbia Groenewald recently made several visits to the mine for the extraction of sulfur in the crater of the volcano Kawah Lien in East Java, Indonesia. He brought with him the necessary equipment to capture the surreal shots, lit moonlight, torches and blue flame of burning sulfur. Miners in the crater first climb of 2600 meters, then descend to the shore of 200-meter crater lake of sulfuric acid where they get pieces of pure sulfur and carry them back to the weighing station. Presenting your attention the photos of these brave miners working under the cover of night.

30 photos via The Boston Globe

1. Shakhtar crater Kawah Lien torch looks at the flow of liquid sulfur burning eerie blue flame. (© Olivier Grunewald)

2. The volcanic acid lake in the crater of the volcano Kawah Lien. On the shore of the lake is working on the production of sulfur. (© Olivier Grunewald)

3. Steam and acid gases among the yellowish sulfur deposits. (© Olivier Grunewald)

4. Burning-hot sulfur in the volcanic crater. Sulphur melts at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, but the temperature in the crater is not enough for spontaneous combustion - the flame torches illuminated the miners. (© Olivier Grunewald)

5. Shakhtar Donetsk clears the sulfur pieces to pick up in the mine office. (© Olivier Grunewald)

6. Deposits of sulfur on the old barrel, surrounded by gray, crater Kawah Lien. (© Olivier Grunewald)

7. The miners extract sulfur in hellish conditions. Photographer Olivier Grunewald says that the smell was just unbearable, were necessary for the mask which the miners almost was not. (© Olivier Grunewald)


9. "Sculpture", the liquid sulfur formed in the crater of Kawah Lien. The melted state of sulfur seems almost blood-red, but as the cooling takes on a yellow tinge.

10. Molten sulfur burning, draining with stones and clay pipes, turned the sulfur gases from the volcano into the liquid, which then hardens and will be suitable for the collection of

11. Miners working in the crater, lit only by torches.







18. A pair of baskets full of gray can weigh 45 to 90 kg.







25. At the station, the primary processing of pieces of sulfur divided into smaller parts.

26. The pieces are then placed in a sulfur large vessels over the fire for re-melting.

27. The molten sulfur is poured from a melting pot in a bucket


29. The last stage: pouring of liquid sulfur on plate to cool. Once hardened, it transported to local factories for the manufacture of rubber, bleaching of sugar and other industrial processes.

30. Photographer Olivier Grunewald is preparing to take a picture of a small cliff, hanging over acidic volcanic lake Kawah Lien. "It feels like you're on another planet" - says the photographer. The hellish conditions crater Olivier lost a camera and two lenses. After the end of the project, he threw all his clothes, because the smell was so strong that he could not get rid of it.



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