TOP 14 successful musicians in 2012

Oddly enough, but this was no place for the top Katy Perry (Katy Perry), Jay-Z and Beyonce (Beyonce). Although, last year, they showed very good results. Even more surprising was the name of the musician, who headed the ranking.

Let's start right away with first place. It took Dr. Dre. No, he was in the first place not because of the live performances, though, and it, too. The fact that the rapper has sold 51% stake in the brand «Beats by Dr» HTC and received considerable sums from the profit for the year which amounted to more than $ 300 million.

1. Dr. Dre - $ 110 million.

In second place is the British legend Roger Waters (Roger Waters). Although his group «Pink Floyd» and there is already a long time, no one has canceled a solo career and income from the sale of copies of the legendary band.

2. Roger Waters (Roger Waters) - $ 88 million.

Third place goes to the singer Sir Elton John (Elton John), who, despite his age, has given over a hundred concerts, plus, as always, is interested soundtracks.

3. Elton John (Elton John) - $ 80 million.

The Irish group «U2» Let's not as many concerts as we. Still, Bono (Bono) has already become almost a politician of world scale. Nevertheless, they have a fourth.

4. U2 - $ 78 million.

Again, the combined «Take That», only eight of the London concerts have earned more than $ 60 million! Therefore, they do not just deservedly took fifth place in the rankings, but it certainly can be considered as the most rapidly earning.

5. Take That - $ 69 million.

In sixth place, another legendary band - «Bon Jovi». They finished the tour, however, the performance with the celebrities on stage gives you a good profit.

6. Bon Jovi - $ 60 million.

Britney Spears (Britney Spears) ranked seventh, thanks to the profits from the new album and a line of perfume «Elizabeth Arden».

7. Britney Spears (Britney Spears) - $ 58 million.

The presence in the TOP Sir Paul McCartney (Paul McCartney) is absolutely natural. Musician of the year is one of the most successful artists at the end of the next cycle of the calendar.

8. Paul McCartney (Paul McCartney) - $ 57 million.

Perhaps if Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) wanted, it would have earned more, because when you consider that her album «Red» is breaking all sales records, but only for one performance she gets about a million "green", the ninth place does not seem to so too high. And by the way, in fact, Paul Taylor, and they earned about the same, but we decided nevertheless to pay tribute to the former Beatle.

9. Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) - $ 57 million.

Tenth place is also divided the two musicians. However, we prefer the youth. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber), in addition to core activities, startups, and earns its own brand.

10. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) - $ 55 million.

Country singer Toby Keith (Toby Keith), can certainly be considered one of the most popular artists in the US, as a country, after all, a purely American music, and expected a huge success in Japan and the UK do not have to.

11. Toby Keith (Toby Keith) - $ 55 million.

The twelfth line goes Barbadian superstar - Rihanna (Rihanna). The singer has great prospects. She signed a contract with Armani, made her debut in the movie and just two weeks ago released a new album.

12. Rihanna (Rihanna) - $ 53 million.

Unhappy thirteenth place is one of the most successful singers of our time - Lady Gaga (Lady GaGa). The singer is currently on a world tour, and this position is due to the "break" in the studio. New album «Artpop» will be released only next year.

13. Lady Gaga (Lady GaGa) - $ 52 million.

The last line of the rating took a group of ex-member of the legendary group «Nirvana» ​​- Dave Grohl. «Foo Fighters» this autumn officially announced a pause in the concert tours. Tired of guys. Still, earn $ 47 million - it will not huhry-muhry.

14. Foo Fighters - $ 47 million.

Note that in the twenty most successful were even their fellow 'shop »-« Red Hot Chili Peppers », visited over the year in all parts of the world.


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