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Saturday Night Live (SNL) - one of the gear-champions of American television, is on the air from 1975 to the present day. This comedy sketch show is included in the lists of the best television programs in history according to Time magazine and TV Guide. Ideas from Saturday Night Live borrow hundreds of television around the world, including Russian. That's what the show has given rise to the careers of many now-popular and acclaimed actors and TV presenters. And besides, it lives like never seen true talent or its absence from the invited celebrities.

In total, during the season, which lasts from September to May, live beyond 20-22 episodes, interspersed with repetitions. The show is a permanent part of the cast of 10-15 people who were casting, and for which it is the main job. Of course, over the years, these persons are regularly updated. In addition, participating in the work of the whole staff of writers. In each issue of inviting some celebrity as a host. The man opens the release of his monologue, and then played in sketches with the actors of the show. In addition, there is a musical guest who perform 2-3 songs on stage.

Each issue of preparing for 6 days (!) From Monday to Saturday, and a celebrity guest is actively involved in the process and have an impact on some of the sketches written by the authors fall into the ether, and which are not. With regard to the subject matter, the skits are often satirical and fun of modern American culture and politics. Furthermore, there is a segment in the transmission with the news. Many sketches show later served as the basis for feature films.

Photo: Miley Cyrus in the image of Justin Bieber, the show with the actress in the image of Miley Cyrus.


Sarah Michelle Gellar parody Christina Aguilera in 2002.

Biker Megan Fox.

So let's start with those people whom we might never have seen on our screens, if not the SNL.

It is believed that Chevy Chase was the first actor Saturday Night Live made a real breakthrough. He was an actor and writer in the original lineup in 1975, he stayed on the show for only 2 seasons, but during this period received universal critical acclaim, numerous awards and began a career in cinema.

"Ghostbusters" Dan Ackroyd, was the youngest member of the original cast of 1975 and spent 4 years in the show.

Eddie Murphy joined the cast of SNL in 1980, when he was 19 years old. In 1982, he released his debut film "48 hours". The on-screen partner, Eddie - Nick Nolte was invited on the show as a host, but a sudden illness prevented him from taking part in the issue, so Eddie took his place, and is still the only person who was the host, as well as an actor of the basic structure. He left the show in 1984.

Robert Downey Jr. SNL joined the troupe in 1985 at age 20. Unfortunately, after his first season, Robert literally got under reduction, since at the time the show has experienced financial problems and was on the verge of withdrawing from the air due to low ratings. In the photo the whole structure of that year.

Adam Sandler noticed while performing in stand-up club-gum. As a result, he worked at Saturday Night Live c 1991 to 1995.

Mike Myers was a member of the cast of SNL from 1989 to 1995. Interestingly, he vowed, in that whatever was to get into the show in early youth.

Will Ferell, which can now be seen in every second comedy, SNL actor was as much as 7 years from 1995 to 2002. He also became the highest-paid actor of the show, having received his last season fee of 350 thousand. Dollars.

This list could go on and on until beskonechnosti.No Finally, I would like to mention one of the most popular and well-known members of the current cast of the show, which in the future is clearly waiting for a great career. This is Andy Samberg, who came to the show in 2005.

He changed the concept of the transmission by adding a new segment - SNL Digital Short - pre-recorded video. These rollers, which are often ridiculous music videos, instantly becoming the leaders in hits on YouTube the next day. I think many of you in the social networks have repeatedly seen Justin Timberlake in a strange outfit of the 90s, or Rihanna, gryabyaschuyu bank with awkward guy. This is the SNL Digital Short.

Andy can be seen on the big screen in the movie "I Love You, Man." But at the moment it is removed in the title role in the new comedy with Adam Sandler, which we will see next summer.

And now for the other exciting moments in the history of Saturday Night Live:

Jim Carrey audition held in 1980, but did not get a place. Since then, he has twice appeared on the show as a guest star.

The greatest number of times - 15, in the show invited Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. Dave Grohl appeared on the show as a musical guest 10 times with 4 different groups.

It so happens that one man is the musical guest and host, such responsibilities shouldered on Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Elton John.

The youngest was the host Drew Barrymore, at the time of participation in the show she was 7 years old. And the oldest - Betty White, who was then 88 years old.

Adrian Brody and Steven Seagal got the list of "banned", ie those people who will never be allowed on the set of SNL. According to the creator of the show, which to this day is his chief producer, Lorne Michaels, Steven Seagal was the most unbearable of all the men who have ever been invited to the show.

As for Adrian Brody, then in spite of the strictest ban on improvisation and departing from the script live, he changed his speech during the presentation of a musical guest who usually limited to a single sentence and constantly tried to impose on writers unfunny ideas for skits and upset, when he refused.

The biggest confusion experienced Ashlee Simpson in 2004. During the second song on the soundtrack of the first error was involved, that Ashley had successfully "sang" before. She did not have time to bring the microphone to his lips and began awkwardly dancing to the sound of his own vocals, but after 30 seconds still left the stage and let the air advertising.

Later, the news showed clips from the rehearsals Ashley morning of the same day, which she left in tears because of problems with the voice. As Simpson later said in an interview, because of the complications of the disease it has almost lost his voice and the doctors forbade her to sing, so her father insisted on the use of phonograms. Of course, Ashley is clearly not the only singer to resort to such means, it just was unlucky to be caught.


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