Thanks - a great power!

In your world, THANKS VERY LITTLE, but it is absolutely necessary to the new world 5 density for the Transition. Thanks - a great power
Your gratitude - there is evidence the Light forces of the universe, God, that the gifts reached you and you took them. Otherwise, the divine plan simply does not see: You got what you wanted, or not
And if you are already a lot of times we do not acknowledge the assistance of the divine plan, that they will no longer give it to you, since you do not see and do not appreciate their gifts.

I urge you to any gift, help, divine gift to receive with gratitude ... with all your heart.

Thanks all around:

THANK whole world for what it is,

I thank God for the life that is given to you,

Thank you for what you are healthy,

Thank you, that you can get the unique experience of life,

Thank you for what you are embodied in this great time of the quantum transition,

Thank you for what you are exactly who you are, because each of us is important.

All you have their place in this great plan of the Creator, and all you bring some benefit to all mankind. You may not believe it, but it is true.

Each of you brings something to the world, even if you do not see it. This is your life.

Gratefully accepts any help:

from others,

from the state,


from family members,

of all those with whom you encounter in this beautiful world.

Those who have moved to the 4th dimension: already see the beauty of this world, we have seen the reality of this world (its underside), has seen its light
A light that is - believe in him, and thanks all around
If there is not enough in you to give thanks, one that you carry this world, something in your life will just go, just go, just get lost, because without this power of gratitude in the New World can not live.

Currently on the planet are very powerful energy and enter into force the new laws of Creation, which operate in the divine plan.

Care Act and the three-dimensional density so be sure to use the power of GRATITUDE.

Behold in my life all the situations for which you are at a given time FORGOT TO THANK and mentally go back to her and gave this power.


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