The best city to live in our time

Site offers you a fresh rating of the world's cities with the best living conditions. It is not surprising that any city from the list inadvertently causes an envious sigh - "Ah! I'd lived! .. "The rankings specialists used thirty quantitative and qualitative indicators in five categories, each of which exhibited a rating from 1 (" unbearable ") to 100 (" perfect "), each of the 140 cities participating in the rating .

10. Toronto h2> At the 10th place was the Toronto. The city regularly ranks high in the rankings on indicators such as quality of life, cost of living, business environment, democracy and food security. It is a city with a rapidly developing suburb. While in Toronto, the second largest in North America, the public transport system, plugs a big problem for people still on the road, who are forced every day to drive here from the suburbs, and that more than 6 million people.

9. Berlin h2> 9th place went to Berlin. Since the fall of the wall that divided the city and the two world political system, the German capital has earned a reputation as a technology center, collecting startups. This is a relatively low cost of living. Berlin - a city with a vibrant nightlife and a high level of tolerance. Where beautiful architecture, lots of green spaces, relaxed and quiet atmosphere of life.

8. Munich h2> Another German city took 8 th place ranking. Quality of life in Munich at the highest level, but prices are also rather big (even by German standards). There are more than 20 large parks, the population - just over 1, 3 million people. Green plants give Munich the atmosphere of a small town, despite the fact that the city is a major center. In the city center there is no high-rise buildings, public transport system works perfectly. The annual Oktoberfest attracts many tourists to Munich from around the world.

7. Tokyo h2> 7th place went to Tokyo, where it says "paradoxical mix of huge size of the city and the constant feeling of peace and quiet." The city's population - 13, 3 million, but to live here comfortably. In particular, thanks to the public transport system (primarily a question of the metro). Public transport - clean, safe and fast. Against the background hustle and bustle retained a sense of calm and cleanliness, where ancient traditions are harmoniously interwoven into modern life. At the same time the cost of living is relatively high, however, as the salary.

6. Oakland h2> The largest city in New Zealand, Auckland is located on the 6th line. Being on the same level with their Australian rivals, Auckland boasts beautiful bays and beaches that are perfect for outdoor entertaining.

5. Zurich h2> 5 th place in Zurich, Switzerland. Within the city there are two rivers and a lake that creates a sense of peace and serenity. This is a real center of art: in Zurich more than 50 museums and over 100 art galleries. Zurich - the city is clean and well managed. He gets high marks for security, the lack of crime, a small number of strikes and the absence of delays in the movement of public transport. At the same time, Zurich occupies the 4th place in the ranking of most expensive cities.

4. Sydney h2> 4th place - Sydney. Here, beautiful weather most of the year, a lot of green space, beautiful beaches and excellent cuisine. Sydney - Australia's largest city, with a population of 4 million people. The cost of living is very high, but housing prices are still much lower than in other major metropolitan areas - New York, London and Hong Kong

3. Melbourne h2> At the 3rd place another Australian metropolis - Melbourne. There are also 4 a million inhabitants, the population is multi-ethnic. This gastronomic capital of Australia, combining a wide variety of national cuisines and cultural traditions.

2. Vancouver h2> The Canadian Vancouver appeared in the rating of the second. Here, great weather most of the time. It is a very green city, where urban development could not break the charm and beauty of nature. In Vancouver, a lot of other opportunities for entertainment: museums, nightlife, restaurants, shopping. And although the cost of living in the middle is not very high compared to other cities around the world, according to Canadian standards of housing in Vancouver is quite expensive.

1. Vienna h2> The best city to live Vienna is recognized as a planet. The Austrian capital, with its majestic architecture, castles and Opera is one of the favorite destinations for tourists from around the world. Here, a high level of employment and low crime rate. health level is also high, with the cost of housing fair.



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