How to make a fool of us

Sellers told about new tricks supermaketov grocery and clothing stores. Slaughterhouse workers, too, opened their "secrets".

Defective microwave - at a discount!

 - Somehow I got a job in the capital hypermarket network - says Vitaly. - Has been selling very well-known kitchen appliances. Sold with a good discount, but there was a catch ... This party was initially defective. This sometimes happens.

Conscientious manufacturer, knowing the error, withdrew the goods repaired and returned at the price of 30-50% less. So, under the guise of sales in the store is initially pushed cheap, in a quickly patched technique.

But then abruptly: the sale of goods of our shop are prohibited from returning. And this even hung a warning. But buyers did not react - hype. The most offensive technique was something brand: the people rejoiced that he can buy something nice for half the price ... As a result, many came back, complained of damage, and deliver the goods back could not! Distinguish the "culling" is easy - on the packaging label. There is shaped as letters REF (from the word REFACTORING - literally "production again").

 - The buyer is not entitled to surrender defective, broken goods only if the sale had been warned about the shortcomings - says lawyer Anna Dobryuha. - Defects must be specified on the sales receipt, label or other written means. And the seller is obliged not just "in general" to mention the shortcomings - of the "devaluation of marriage" - namely to describe them. Because if you show up problems that are not stipulated in the sale, the buyer is entitled to make a claim.

Secrets slaughterhouse

 - You swear on sellers who washed sausage with "Fairy". In fact, even in the stores all the glory to God, the horror comes at us in a meat factory, - says Tatiana. - All expired products from supermaketov and shops returned to the manufacturer - that is, us. Do you think it emit? Where there! It is processed, mixed with minced meat is processed and again becomes sausage. And I know exactly what is happening not only in our meat processing plant, but also on others. And not just meat - jelly with the same ...

Beware of discounts on underwear

"Let me tell you about one more trivial to sell. I learned it from a girlfriend who worked in the lingerie store. The store prices were decent. A girl saleswoman, trying to earn a few extra hryvnia, went to the nearest market, bought from Aunt Clara panties for a penny, and hung them to firm for the price - well, slightly lower than the mean in the remaining labels. And women customers joyfully "search for" a bargain, and in a hurry to pay for it until it was "taken away" more nimble ladies. Natasha. "

 - Similarly, do and small grocery stores - says Oleg, a former employee of the supermarket chain. - Carry out the "extra" items quite easily. Option One: being double box office, that is, products are recorded in the two magazines. Legal - for inspections. And "black" - for himself. The second option: knocked out bogus checks dummy - not everyone will look into them, especially if the purchase seemed successful. And the third - checks for a fake product did not knock.

Award ... for cheating customers!

 - In some supermarkets for cheating customers give ... Award! - Outraged Daria, who worked a year as a cashier. - Money for those "extra" punched salads cashiers can not take him right away - everything goes through the cashier. Checks shall be the accounting department, where reduce how many salads was actually bought and how many crows buyers. Tom cashier, who is the biggest difference comes out, and give a percentage of profits. Good incentive to miscalculation, is not it?

But there is another view.

Do not blame the stores!

"I worked in various supermarkets. I want to speak in defense of the merchants! You write that "people make a fool of cashiers, money nedodayut, once goods punch." I do not mean to be rude, but check the money on the spot! For overdue items and underweight shop seriously punished. What sellers listen to cries of "I read in the newspaper, you are all thieves and liars!" Do you think these are not screaming on the right of people the unit? You are wrong ... "Inna.

Take the product only in original packaging!

"Often at the end of the shelf life of foods, prepackaged factory way, sellers are forced to open the packaging and packaged in plastic or paper bags or plastic trays - writes Louise from Kiev. - Naturally, the production time is indicated new. But that's not the worst. It was and is that certain foods - pasta, biscuits, flour - insects infest. So they, I mean the insects, gently shake or sieved and packaged goods back. "

Conclusion - take the goods only in the whole original packaging.

The trick is to balance

"The very worked at the store for over a year - says Catherine T. - Be careful when buying goods weight, if an electronic balance is a bag - supposedly for hygiene purposes.

Its edge is glued a thin adhesive tape to the body weights. When the scales put something, pulled a bag (or a specially tighten finger), respectively, the weight increases.

You can "catch" the seller asked to outweigh. You'll see your future purchase right will be much easier and cheaper. "

Even the meat we - Chinese

"I traded, engaged in large bulk, - says Slava S. - So, what about meat. Even if it does not rotten and does not smell, what makes you think that it is, for example, from Denmark? On the label is written? Yes them wholesale base paste. And deliver it to us straight from China.

Also, I was a manager at the sausage factory. The most important in the production - treater. We had them Uzbek, which is not something that he could not speak in Russian - felt something hard. So the ingredients in the sausage tossed in the eye - formulation rests. If not, he added sodium nitrite from a clogged taste. So thrown over the hryvnia or two at the box office - is nonsense. But when the product is initially unsuitable - this is serious. "


"Four years ago, she worked in a store. We were forced to wash the dogs, which by long lying in the refrigerator covered with bloom; puncture needle swollen bags with yogurt and let out the air ... And try to just give up - Departure for violation of labor discipline. "

"Come legs, they open the pack, clean out 20 per cent - 30% of the meat and pour the remaining water and - in the freezer! When the legs get on the shelves, their weight is significantly increased. "

"Another piece of advice to consumers. Never go to the store, even with a slight musty smell (stale). If the seller has his uchuet - you are doomed to underweight and counting. "


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