20 books that are worth reading to children at night

Evening reading, probably one of the most joyous moments of dialogue of parents and children with the opportunity to travel back into the world of miracles and magic, and the best way from an early age to instill a child a taste for literature.

Website has selected 20 time-tested books that are sure to become a favorite of many preschool age children and allow parents to briefly return to childhood.

Sergei Kozlov, "Tales of the hedgehog and the bear cub" A wonderful storyteller, Sergey Kozlov came up with a very funny and touching characters. Hedgehog and Bear - these inseparable friends. Each tale is sure to cause a smile, and their small volume is just the thing to savor the book a few nights in a row.

Tove Jansson's "All about Moomins" Stories of Moomins - this is one of those books that can go with you through life. The sooner a child to join this warm, wise and cozy world, the easier it will be to keep this world in itself and return to it later. Moomins will grow along with it and never seem silly or too naive.

A. A. Milne, "Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all" A. A. Milne wrote a story about a bear cub for his son Christopher Robin, not even knowing that one day this story will be one of the most known and loved in the world. Winnie does not age - although it nearly a hundred years, it is still adored by children and adults.

Alexander Volkov "The Wizard of Oz" This tale of courage, understanding, loyalty and willingness to always come to the aid of other abilities to teach a child a simple, but very important things: and let the wizards do not exist, but is able to work a miracle every one of us.

James Barrie "Peter Pan" This book has a wonderful feature: you'll be happy to read it with your child, but to see it as two different things. For kids it will be a meeting with the tale and amazing adventures, but for an adult - a poignant revelation. How is it that we have forgotten how to fly? And is there a possibility to return the one child, an independent fullness feelings?

Astrid Lindgren's "Pippi Longstocking" This book is on our list - just for kids, and enjoy it for all children from 6 to 86 years. In it - now invincible mischief that causes the eyes to burn with delight. Concentrate optimism and joy of life. She definitely give you and your child a lot of fun nights.

Eduard Uspensky, "Crocodile Gena and his friends" Easy, unobtrusive humor, fascinating story of a crocodile and his funny friends teaches kindness and fidelity, while not overloading the child's brain in a complex manner and additional meanings. The joy of reading and quiet bright dreams guaranteed.

Hans Christian Andersen "Tales" is hard to imagine childhood without "Thumbelina", "The Ugly Duckling", "The Snow Queen" and other fairy tales by Danish writer. This is a very special world in which miracles so simply and naturally woven into the reality that the border is almost impossible to notice. No wonder the love of Andersen passed down from generation to generation.

Joel Harris 'Uncle Remus' child like adventure cunning Brer Rabbit bedolagi Brer Fox, savvy Brer Turtles and other animals, but his parents will narrator - an infinitely wise Uncle Remus, in which each of us can learn kindness and tolerance.

Rudyard Kipling "Tales" is quite another tale - a strange distant shores of animals which can not be found in our latitudes, about the wild jungle and its inhabitants. They will carry you and your baby far away from the snow-covered cities, where riot of greenery and a cat walk by themselves.

Gianni Rodari "Tales call" History of Italian Gianni Rodari storyteller is very simple, but the impact on children in some quite magically: Kids delighted with them. Stories about the varmints and fidget, their travels and adventures help to develop imagination and perfect to read a story at night.

Michael Salie "Thousand and One Nights" The book includes world-renowned Arabian tales of Sinbad the Sailor, of Aladdin and the magic lamp, about Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves in the retelling Michael Salie. This book - the Arabic script, thin lacy web, through which you look at the world of the East, and fall in love with him right from early childhood.

Pamela Travers 'Mary Poppins' Another tale, which is necessary to "fall in love" in early childhood, so that later they returned to it again and again. Let now they will just be interesting, even if it is only under the umbrella of an exciting journey. With age, the book will be an invaluable reminder of the fact that we create our own reality, themselves bring to life the miracles - or do not bring, depending on their own choice.

Charles Perrault's "Tales of" good old classic that needs no introduction. "Cinderella," "Little Red Riding Hood", "Puss in Boots" and many other characters that you are so loved as a child, probably will like and your child. After all, the real magic does not age - it is gaining strength.

Michael Bond "Bear called Paddington" The story began in London at Paddington station. Little Bear, who came from Peru Dremuchego, stood patiently and waited until someone pay attention to him ... He was lucky, he found a loving family. And he is sure to become a great friend of your family, because this book is simply charming.

Alexei Tolstoy, "The Golden Key, or Adventures of Pinocchio" Naughty wooden man, restless tomboy and became a favorite of many generations of readers. How else! After all, he always finds a way out of the most unexpected predicament. This is a truly joyful and bright story of the inevitable victory of good in the end.

Grigory Oster "Bad advice" Perhaps reading this book for the night - not a good idea, because after such an explosion of laughter and fun baby is unlikely to quickly fall asleep, but still book sharing Oster need to both children and adults as a grafting good mood. The more that is precisely there is advice for any occasion.

Nikolai Nosov "Living hat. Stories "One of the most pleasant memories of childhood - a warm blanket, soft light bulbs and my mother's voice reading so alive, funny and joyful stories Nosov. Give your child and such a pleasure. He liked it.

Victor Dragoon "Deniskiny stories" Even if these stories somehow miraculously managed to pass you as a child - just open the book and start reading. Of course, much has been left on the margins of history, but some things will be eternal: pure children's humor, absolutely incredible logic and absolute love for life.

Mark Twain "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" This American boy, probably one of the most colorful and original characters in world literature. Let the kids have fun with it, search for treasure, to be a pirate and a robber, with delight watching his every fantasy. He certainly teach them never to lose heart.

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