7 sites for people who want to do

Created with his own hands a toy or gift will never be compared by the warmth and cordiality with store bought. And, in addition, be aware that you have done something with their own hands gorgeous, incredibly nice.

Website has prepared a compilation of inspiring resources for people who want to do, but they still do not know where to start.


A kind of platform for blogs admirers - every user can create his shop, or simply to share achievements. You can not only find new ideas, but to see the master classes, as well as purchase your favorite thing handmade.

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Instagram, which collect the best ideas from around the world. Owners do not always apply, but to find an interesting thing, you want to do it yourself, just turn.


Enter the tag «handmade» and enjoy the selection of beautiful and original products. As a rule, all enclosed instructions or a link to a site where it can be found.


The largest marketplace for the sale of ready-made handicrafts. It is possible and to look at others and be seen. And find a lot of new ideas.

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The site with ideas to create clothing, accessories, home decoration, cards, gifts and more. They are all so wonderful, that will certainly want to try to do the same themselves. Especially since every idea is accompanied by a sufficiently detailed fotoinstruktsiey.

The Homes I Have Maded24bb8f785.jpg

The site, which will help to decorate your home is incredibly quaint and cute things. Not only that, each product applied detailed instructions, the authors have taken care of that you were ready fonts for inscription on the painting, but, for example, a beautiful label for cans would have to just print.

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You can show their creations (or are not, just like it), ask for advice on how to do this or that thing, or just discuss with other users, creative ideas. Reminds Pinterest, only in Russian.

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