The man, for whom you want to go

In today's world many of us begin a relationship with the list of requirements for your partner. The "ideal" man should be so and so, "ideal woman" should be such and such. I do not know how to be a man next to me, though, and asked about it often. But I know for sure that this man is not perfect. And certainly not "the best". And he told me nothing "should". He is just a man for whom you want to go.

The man, for whom you want to go, like all people on this planet, and makes mistakes from time to time to doubt yourself. Something to do, try new and sometimes falls, then rises and moves on. He is not chasing a racing car on the night city in the garb of an invincible superhero, not parks his helicopter on the roof of a skyscraper glowing is not of a pocket bore, as "tough guys" from the blockbuster, not fight outright chest muscles all long-legged beauties in the surroundings. I think he is an ordinary man. Just one of the seven billion people who wakes up every morning and live your day and sleeps up to a new dawn. The same as I do. And his blood red. Same as all the other people on the planet.

The man, for whom you want to go, a lot of work. And at himself and the world at large. He was not so much interested in the relationship, because men want to save the world, this is their natural function. And it suits me. I have something to do, while he saves the world. I'm always connected, always go side by side, always within easy reach. Because it's my natural function. To be a woman. Love, trust, energize and be there, no matter what happened. And never discuss it with other people mistakes. Because the woman's love - this is not about discussion of mistakes. If this man, for whom you want to go, so he is doing everything right. ALL. And point. He goes, and I followed him.
The man, for whom you want to go, sometimes hurt or neglect their word. Then he is silent and thinks. Then asks forgiveness. From the heart. And I forgive him. Always I forgive. Because I'm the same. I, too, to hurt. And, too, I'm sorry. From the heart. And he forgives me. Because it is the same. Just a man, like all of us on this planet.

The man, for whom you want to go, tired at times and goes into the cave. This happens with men, for whom you want to go. They want to be alone and reflect on life. Or simply go to the football. Or to drink beer with friends. Or sit in the tea alone. And good. Let him sit in his cave. Relax and be sure to come back.

The man, for whom you want to go, do not say much about their feelings. Once he gives you to understand that love, and that you - an important person in his life. And then it just does. He does not say, but it does. Just doing something. He walks to work, do business, develops. Sometimes it keeps at a distance, once closer. When appropriate, the hugs. She looks into his eyes. Well, you just know that he - man for whom you want to go. That's all. You just know it.

No, it's not like in the movies. No more fireworks, no great insight, no predictions clock and passion. Just a native person, just someone who you trust, just someone who trusts you. Just a man with whom you feel good and home-style cozy. Just Man, for whom you want to go.

What I worry about? No, not about whether he will be in my life. Yes, and I do not worry at all, rather thinking ... I the woman who wants to lead a man for whom I want to go. I do not know. But the bloom and will continue.

Author: Richard Dean


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