8 sites for people which autumn inspires creativity


Autumn never want comfort in everything: close friends, hot tea, interesting books and, of course, a warm atmosphere.

We at Website asked the question: how do you create this comfort? And definitely decided that with their hands. Therefore, we offer you a selection of sites for needlework, which will help to transform your home into a comfortable nest.

The make-self 8eea8808a8.jpg

Here you can find step-by-step master classes on making krutetskii things, but also inspired by the works of famous designers. Often there are thematic collections, for example "20 cozy nooks for women."

Curbly 1214a56e7c.jpg

On this site you can find many collections for inspiration: from stylish candles to chests of drawers out of old doors. All workshops are very detailed and accompanied by photographs. And yet there is a whole section on improving things from IKEA.

Craftordiy 4dc45fd6a1.jpg

Here you can find ideas for homemade gifts to loved ones, collection of cool manicure, trendy hairstyles, interesting recipes and much more. In a word, Paradise for creative people.

1001podelka c4ad43a273.jpg

Master classes for both beginners and professionals, and in different areas. Step by step instructions on watercolor painting, quilling, felting in different techniques and much more. In addition there is selection of creations of famous designers.

Diyandmag a8a901f48a.jpg

It's just a storehouse of ideas for home decoration. There are convenient sections: bathroom, kitchen, living room, garden, furniture and decor. If you want to decorate any of these areas, rather, go here. Here even the most fastidious will find a couple of ideas.

Woohome e1e497c113.jpg

This website has a lot of ideas for creativity with children and collections of gifts for different holidays. And, you can find workshops on turning old things into stylish and useful things.

Darievna ce22b38d00.jpg

Master classes for all types of needlework. There are convenient sections: embroidery, sewing, knitting, toys. You just need to understand what the soul is asking to do, go here for detailed instructions to create your masterpiece.

Ehow 162281dca1.jpg

How to decorate your home for the holiday how to cook a delicious dinner how to make a cool baby thing, everything is on this website. Even if you're not a fan of needlework, then just find something that urgently want to create.

Craftriver 1a4d54d5fd.jpg

There is a convenient division into categories of holidays. Puzzled as to let me in autumn and beautifully decorate the interior of the leaves? Or what to give for Christmas? Or maybe how to decorate the room for the birthday child? All the answers here.

Photos on the preview craftriver.com

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