Top-15 countries and interesting sites on the Internet (be careful on some really sticky)

World without eccentrics would be boring and monotonous. They come up with weird things, commit insane acts and discover the amazing sites. But do not forget that eccentricity often bordered on genius, and some actions that seem strange man in the street, then become an example to follow. Today we tell about such "eccentric" and you will see that even the most absurd and crazy ideas can make a web project, which will arouse the interest of millions of users.

Sound of Hamburg - the designer of classical music

This project can rightly be included even in the top ten most original sites on the Internet. The uniqueness of the site lies primarily in the fact that its creators - is not only a web-programmers, but also musicians, members of the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra. What is so unusual about managed to create such a strange symbiosis? The creators of "The Sound of Hamburg" made a real musical designer using which anyone can create a beautiful classic tune.

The designer is not like any one of those programs to create music, what we've seen. The screen shows several options for "real" images from webcams, say, an aquarium or town square. The user can attach to each moving object a certain music party. When a person leaves the frame, the party ends with a musical instrument. The most amazing thing in all this is that although the result, to some extent, predict difficult, but every time it turns out very beautiful melody.

Labuat - Draw music video mouse

Some creative initiatives become known thanks to the music. For example, if not for the music of Goran Bregovic, it is unknown if he knew anyone had about the film by Emir Kusturica «Arizona Dream», and if it were not for The Beatles, hardly anyone would be interested in the story of the film «Magical Mystery Tour». Well, in this case the opposite is true - if not brilliantly realized the idea of ​​creation of interactive video, few people would have known about the Spanish music band Labuat.

Throughout the musical composition is displayed on the screen stream of ink (or a trace of the brush, it is hard to say for sure), which reserves the amusing tracks. The direction of this stream can be controlled by the cursor, and when the composition is over - scroll "recorded" the clip again. If there is a desire, a link to this creation, you can send your friend an e-mail.

Incredibo - musical collective management

If you've always regretted that you "bear stepped on his ear," it does not matter - with the help of this site you have a chance to be rehabilitated. Site Incredibox gives the opportunity to try yourself in the role of head of the musical group singing a cappella. Each of the participants of the "choir", a sort of French hipster, you can assign your sounds, singers can be removed during the singing or add new ones. There is also the opportunity to turn on the random selection of sounds - in this case, "the choir" will look self tune. In short, a very funny idea, which does not require the "head" no music education.

Optuswhalesong - whale Symphony

Creation of original web design - is a great way to increase the popularity of the organization. The company, which no one knows anything, suddenly can become known to the whole world, thanks to an unusual site. A perfect example - Australian telecommunications company Optus. Visiting hers resource Optuswhalesong, you can communicate ... with the whale. Communication starts with the fact that the hosts sees the orchestra, sitting on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Along the perimeter of the microphones, which are omitted in the water.


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