Top-15 countries and interesting sites on the Internet (be careful on some really sticky)

World without eccentrics would be boring and monotonous. They come up with weird things, commit insane acts and discover the amazing sites. But do not forget that eccentricity often bordered on genius, and some actions that seem strange man in the street, then become an example to follow. Today we tell about such "eccentric" and you will see that even the most absurd and crazy ideas can make a web project, which will arouse the interest of millions of users.

Sound of Hamburg - the designer of classical music


This project can rightly be included even in the top ten most original sites on the Internet. The uniqueness of the site lies primarily in the fact that its creators - is not only a web-programmers, but also musicians, members of the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra. What is so unusual about managed to create such a strange symbiosis? The creators of "The Sound of Hamburg" made a real musical designer using which anyone can create a beautiful classic tune.

The designer is not like any one of those programs to create music, what we've seen. The screen shows several options for "real" images from webcams, say, an aquarium or town square. The user can attach to each moving object a certain music party. When a person leaves the frame, the party ends with a musical instrument. The most amazing thing in all this is that although the result, to some extent, predict difficult, but every time it turns out very beautiful melody.

Labuat - Draw music video mouse


Some creative initiatives become known thanks to the music. For example, if not for the music of Goran Bregovic, it is unknown if he knew anyone had about the film by Emir Kusturica «Arizona Dream», and if it were not for The Beatles, hardly anyone would be interested in the story of the film «Magical Mystery Tour». Well, in this case the opposite is true - if not brilliantly realized the idea of ​​creation of interactive video, few people would have known about the Spanish music band Labuat.

Throughout the musical composition is displayed on the screen stream of ink (or a trace of the brush, it is hard to say for sure), which reserves the amusing tracks. The direction of this stream can be controlled by the cursor, and when the composition is over - scroll "recorded" the clip again. If there is a desire, a link to this creation, you can send your friend an e-mail.

Incredibo - musical collective management


If you've always regretted that you "bear stepped on his ear," it does not matter - with the help of this site you have a chance to be rehabilitated. Site Incredibox gives the opportunity to try yourself in the role of head of the musical group singing a cappella. Each of the participants of the "choir", a sort of French hipster, you can assign your sounds, singers can be removed during the singing or add new ones. There is also the opportunity to turn on the random selection of sounds - in this case, "the choir" will look self tune. In short, a very funny idea, which does not require the "head" no music education.

Optuswhalesong - whale Symphony


Creation of original web design - is a great way to increase the popularity of the organization. The company, which no one knows anything, suddenly can become known to the whole world, thanks to an unusual site. A perfect example - Australian telecommunications company Optus. Visiting hers resource Optuswhalesong, you can communicate ... with the whale. Communication starts with the fact that the hosts sees the orchestra, sitting on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Along the perimeter of the microphones, which are omitted in the water.


Melodies that will hear the whale, anyone can write. It is enough to click on random keys, and the orchestra will convert into clicking sounds understandable whale. He doubted that the whale hears these sounds? A few seconds after the "concert" camera falls into the water, and you will see a whale floating around the microphone and listen to a song written for him.

Blues Maker - oscillator blues songs


One of the heroes of the famous film "Crossroads» (Crossroads, 1986) formulated a very apt definition of the blues: "This is when a good man is bad." In fact, when you listen to blues songs, it seems that these masterpieces are born only if a person is experiencing mixed feelings. The creators of the site Blues Maker put all upside down - in their opinion, write the blues is as easy as tying shoelaces on sneakers. The authors of the project was set up a simple constructor, allowing just a few seconds to make a very brief blues song that you can immediately preview and send someone of your friends, so they appreciated your talent. The secret of the song is the blues samples that are perfectly combined in any order, so no matter what set of variations blues chords you choose, every time the output will turn a successful composition.

PressTheSpaceBar - who quickly clicks gap ...


It turns out that in order to create a computer game, just enough of a button - a large and stylish «Space». It would seem empty and useless idea - key-press with a maximum speed. But should this link to get to the office - and all the work of farewell - every second "conscientious employee" considers it his duty to verify its capabilities. The more times hit, the higher the rating.

FindYourFaceMate - find people with similar appearance


A huge proportion of social networking on the Internet dating sites make up for the lonely. It would seem - the idea trite, nothing new to come up in this area impossible. Nevertheless, from time to time there are brave souls who are willing to challenge this assertion. Creator and the "mastermind" of the service - American Christina Blum. She decided to increase the percentage of successful matching pairs when meeting and made a stake on the selection of high-quality result. The most successful union of man and woman alike, not only in character, but also externally.

This strange fact has recently been studied and proven by scientists of St. Andrews and the University of Liverpool. So if you pick up a pair of similarity, the likelihood of a match, according to the author of the project will be higher. On this principle and works FindYourFaceMate - people downloading your picture and the service looks for his mate with similar features. - looks like a website in different browsers


The original site does not have to be a useless and entertainment. This service will be very useful for web developers and owners of websites who want to learn how to share their looks in different browsers on different operating systems. If the page to specify the address, the service site, put a request to the queue and start generating images. The core services comprise volunteers around the world whose computers produce images and send them to the server. On the creation of screenshots can take a lot of time, so you must be patient.

In the settings you can specify browser types for which you want to take a screenshot, and their version. Created with the help of this service, the screenshots will be stored for a long time (about a month), however, if they will not request, soon they will be removed.

The Million Dollar Homepage - home page price of a million


Sometimes completely absurd idea can bring huge returns. In 2005, a British student from Wiltshire original way decided to improve their financial situation - he was selling an unusual advertising on your site. Unlike other websites, the draft 21-year-old Alex Tew did not contain any useful information, and a place in the advertisements sold by pixels. Everyone could buy the dollar at a single point in a huge advertising banner with a total area of ​​one million pixels (the minimum order in this case is 100 pixels). Author chat and named his site - The Million Dollar Homepage («Home Page million dollar»).

The rumor of an eccentric, which sells advertising on points, instantly scattered across the planet. The result exceeded expectations - January 1, 2006 the last thousand pixels were sold on eBay for 38,100 dollars. Total profit site was even longer than expected million - $ 1037100. When the site was launched, the author promised that the resource will be available for at least five years, until 26 August 2010, but now Page Million Dollar continues to operate.

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes - make a pause


And you can, sitting for two minutes in front of the monitor, do nothing? It turns out, just look at the seascape and listen to the sounds of the waves, without moving the mouse and the keyboard without touching the - it's not so easy. Do not believe? Then go to the website Do Nothing for 2 Minutes and see. The site consists of only one page, and visitors do not need to do anything but relax and watch the countdown timer. If you touch a mouse or keyboard, the countdown begins again.

Created by the same Alex Tew, the author of the pages of one million dollars. According to the latest data, the number of people who were able to successfully pass this kind of test, and then click "Like" on Facebook, has exceeded 500 thousand. Incidentally, it is interesting that the page is sensitive to the movements of the mouse, but does not respond when the user turns the wheel.

Spamradio - Radio Broadcasts spam


Broadcast their own online radio network is no surprise. However, visitor, accidentally caught in the web site station Spamradio, will be quite surprised - instead of music, or the author's text, he will hear a computer-generated voice that reads in non-stop text messages from the mailing of spam, which went to the server of the site.

Advertisements are coming to mailboxes in a large quantity, so it is hardly possible to find a user who would read all this garbage "from cover to cover." If you have a desire to know what is written today in mass spam information - you are welcome. After its launch, Radio spam has become so famous that even writing about it on the pages of the Washington Post and New York Times.

BallDroppings - melody falling balls


BallDroppings - is a simple but addictive game. Its Java-version holds the first place in popularity among creative web applications hosted on the site Chrome Experiments. The meaning of the game is to substitute for the balls falling from above an arbitrary line. Falling, balls bounce off the lines and emit a certain melodic sound. That is how it will sound, dependent on speed of fall of the ball. During the game you can control the force of gravity, as well as the frequency of falling balls.

If you liked this game, you can find on the official website version for many mobile and desktop platforms.

Humanclock - watch thousands of photos


American Craig Giffen made the main theme of your site time. On the resource you can watch the unusual hours. They show a new photo every minute, which in one form or another there is an indication of the current time. It may be just a picture clock, a picture containing a plate with numbers, road signs, figures which form the current time, and so on. For each minute (there are in a day in 1440) can be found a few photos.

Every minute, a suitable picture is chosen at random, but if you want the visitor can view the other pictures, which show the current time. For each image specified time and place. Because the site is there for a long time, then you can see the pictures from all over the world sent its many visitors. You can also add your photo.

Shady URL - extender links


With the spread of the microblogging service in the network has a lot of pages to shorten links. Site Shady URL is created as opposed to fashion trends. Type in the link on the main page, you can not get shortened and elongated link. This new link will include not just a random collection of characters and words that are sure to scare her by the majority of users, she will be sent. For example, it is unlikely many will risk the link, but really nothing it does not contain harmful and leads to our website.

10K Apart - the application does not exceed 10 Kbytes


With increasing bandwidth Internet connection size of sites and web applications ceased to be important. If earlier to load the "heavy" site took a few minutes, and now instantly displays the page in the browser. Nevertheless, Web developers have not forgotten how to write lightweight application. You can verify this by visiting the website of the contest 10K Apart, which was conducted with the support of Microsoft. Accepted for the contest web applications written using the latest technologies (HTML5, Canvas, SVG) and not exceeding 10 KB. Basically, there are presented the game, although it is possible to find useful applications, such as print speed or a simulator tool for planning costs.

By building sites, many are treated like reinventing the wheel - say, all of the most interesting ideas have already been invented. However, as the great Einstein: "All a child knows that so-and-so is impossible. But always there is an ignoramus who does not know this. It was he who makes a discovery. " Judging by the fact that the unusual sites appear almost daily, these "ignorant" many more. And it's great!


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