What to do so I didn't follow you on the Network - find out now!

The vast majority of sites you visit, sends your data to third parties, usually without your permission or even notice. This is not news, just became a well-known scale of this tragedy. A researcher from the University of Pennsylvania Tim Libert published a study on this subject: your data funneling with nine out of ten web sites.

Libert used their own software called webXray. Its the same he used in the past to analyze the trackers on the websites dedicated to health and pornography. It turned out that not only porn sites sharing personal data of their guests.

"The sites that are funneling your data, interact on average with nine external domains," writes Libert in the International journal of communication. When you visit a particular website, for example Airbnb.com, Yahoo.com or Motherboard.tv then it sends information about you to other sites, including Google via Google Analytics installed on 46% of websites in the world, and Facebook. Libert found that eight of the ten sites load Javascript from other sources on the user's computer. Tracking is absolutely endemic.

There is one Internet, which you see in the browser, and there is another, hidden part of it that looks at you. In the old TV show was jokes about the fact that someone sees your living room via the TV. It's stupid and ridiculous, but now exactly what happens. Behind each pair of eyes to see ten or more pairs. If you visit any of the million popular web sites, 90% of the time third party sites will receive information about your browsing. Even if you use the settings which your browser explicitly tells the web site do Not track you, most companies ignore them. The lion's share of tracking user accounts for Google — it gets the data about people 80% of sites and ignores the signals of DNT (Do not track). A Google spokesperson did not comment on the study, but pointed to the user agreement. It States that according to company policy, Google Analytics does not send personal information of any type.

Libert says that Google introduces users to the error: they don't have a choice, they can't opt out of tracking of their actions analytical software from Google, can't verify which sites are using Google Analytics. The same applies to Facebook and most other Internet companies. The exception is Twitter, he drew attention to the DNT settings. "If all companies conducted themselves like Twitter, I wouldn't complain about this issue."

Libert mentioned the information given by Edward Snowden. In fact, not the National Security Agency spied on people it was spying on companies that spy on users. "Even if companies say that they have not installed the software PRISM and they do not cooperate with the NSA, it doesn't change the fact that they created a ready workshop with personal information for any intelligence service. The company has created an opportunity to follow people economically appropriate way — military contractors do that".

What to do, so you weren't followed?

Libert believes Tor is one of the best options, but only if you're not trying to log in to accounts on Facebook, Google and other sites, so you cannot be identified.published

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