8 popular apps that encrypt Your data

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Modern Internet in the broadest sense is cruel and unforgiving. While remaining the most convenient and common means of communication and transmission of information right now, the network memorizes every step of users and keeps a history of long relationships with her. Confidential photo miraculously free, personal files, run file sharing, Google carefully slips suspiciously relevant ads (if someone learns your search queries), and Apple under the guise loads the next U2 album to your smartphone. Veiled surveillance network, which I do not hide any intelligence agencies or private companies, fortunately, a reaction in the form of centrehow Internet activists fighting for our private life. Fight for free Internet is particularly relevant in our country where control of the network by citizens seeking government agencies. Today among users of cryptomaterial and protected browsers Internet marginal and WWW-criminals, and conscious and free people. We decided to choose the most well-known proven application and technology, which encrypts user data based on the needs of the active users of the network.

The Tor project "a Beam of light in a dark Internet" — know about Tor, even those who have never used this system onion routing, and haven't surfed in darkwave. Perhaps the Tor is the basis of the modern safe Internet user. Use the browser and system proxy inbound and outbound traffic is encrypted, ensuring the anonymity of the Internet. Tor gives access darkweb where there is already a huge number of sites hidden from the average user. Besides browser this project works well in "normal" Internet. Tor often solves the problem with access to certain sites that are entered in the exclusion lists control Internet bodies and blocked by the provider.

ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGY: a multilevel-based encryption "onion" proxy

WEBSITE: torproject.org

Search engine DuckDuckGo Search engine is open source, almost does not use cookies, does not store IP addresses of users and does not collect information (for example, how many porn sites you visit in a week). DuckDuckGo will not (as all the other search engines) to tell the user searches and to adjust the Internet (and therefore advertising) under it. The search engine only provides a reliable and completely anonymous surfing: DuckDuckGo copes well with its main task, in parallel, encrypting user data. By the way, the development of the American Gabriel Weinberg is the most convenient method of searching in darkwave — other search engines often shy away from the search domain zones .onion and refuse to work, citing allegedly poor connection. Recently, DuckDuckGo works with Safari browser: the choice of kriptopolis is built into all Apple operating systems.

The TECHNOLOGY of ENCRYPTION: RC4 encryption and 128-bit key

WEBSITE: duckduckgo.com

The messenger Telegram Perhaps the most popular cryptomancer largely owes its fame to the timely appearance of the web. On the Telegram drew attention to the background of loud statements Snowden about NSA surveillance, as well as the transition of a competitor WhatsApp under the wing of the monstrous Facebook. Just two years later Telegram, who has Russian roots, but more oriented towards English-speaking users, has evolved from a little known app in the monster criptomeria with an impeccable reputation (Telegram has not yet managed to crack anyone). Now messenger is a handy cross-platform tool with its own encryption system, besides undemanding to the quality of the Internet connection. The main feature of Telegram is the ability to communicate through secret chat, encrypted data which are only on smartphones interlocutors, not settling on application servers.


WEBSITE: telegram.org

The plugin HTTPS Everywhere Multibrowser add-in HTTPS Everywhere is a solution for those who find it difficult to navigate in the Tor, and surveillance on the Internet has not worried minds. The plugin complies with the minimum safety requirements — using the HTTPS Protocol. Embedding in browser, HTTPS Everywhere filters the sites that the user visits. The plugin automatically switches the web resources with HTTP Protocol with encryption data, if the latter Protocol is supported.


WEBSITE: eff.org

The file hosting service Mega, the Brainchild of disgraced Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom should address the problem of reliable and secure storage of large amounts of information on the Internet. Cloud service Dotcom created a year after the forced closure of file-sharing site Megaupload, encrypts user data on the client side using the AES algorithm. Besides, Mega promises anonymous and secure exchange of files between a sender and a receiver of data. The latter is carried out through a system of keys Friend-to-Friend. A pleasant surprise from Kim service gives 50 GB of space on the hosting when you register, which is sufficient for storage of critical data.

ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGY: AES encryption algorithm

WEBSITE: mega.co.nz

Messenger Confide Confide — another cryptomancer, but originally implemented by the technology information. The recipient receives the encrypted text message in the form of several rectangles. The geometric shapes are converted to text only when the user moves their finger. This unusual technique eliminates the appearance of full text message on the smartphone screen. Another unexpected feature Confide — a complete ban on screenshots. If the user tries to do the images while reading the message, the messenger will close, the message will be erased, and the sender will receive a warning.

The TECHNOLOGY of ENCRYPTION: encryption on the client side

WEBSITE: itunes.apple.com

Chat Crypto.cat OpenSRS-service Crypto.cat — regular, but popular and proven means of communication, able to encrypt data of the interlocutors. Data is encrypted on the client side according to the technology of AES-256, and the transfer of the keys that can open the correspondence, uses several functions and methods to preserve the secrecy of the data. Information about the correspondence (in chat you can collect up to ten people) are automatically deleted after 30 minutes after the end of the conversation.

ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGY: technology with AES-256

WEBSITE: crypto.cat

Messenger Jitsi Jitsi is a free program open source alternative to Skype live. Jitsi serves the same communicative function as its venerable counterpart, but the Communicator still encrypts the data according to the Protocol ZRTP. Video chat is available through a special server Jitsi Videobridge, it supports an unlimited number of participants in the conversation.published


WEBSITE: jitsi.org

Author: Andrew Stawicki

Source: www.furfur.me/furfur/freedom/freedom/179693-luchshie-prilozheniya-i-programmy-shifruyuschie-vashi-dannye


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