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Site publishes an article by blogger and serial entrepreneur James Altushera which earned with the help of business and investment, and then decided that his calling - to inspire other people to accomplishments In my life. And he is doing great. < I was scared when I was expelled from school. I do not want to spend my life in prison. I did not want to work 9 to 5 (I realize that not every job from 9 to 5 necessarily bad). But I do not even want to go to a job that I like. I was afraid that during the day I can not do what you want.

When I was in school, in the afternoon I went to the museum. I talked with my friends. I tried to write novels. I played the game - sometimes all day. But the work has meant a trap. I had to work late into the evening. I had no car, so had to get home hitchhiking. I had to suck up to the boss that he had not been fired, that he should give rise or not to give a boring job.

< I do not like it when I command. I do not like to be afraid of the authorities. I'm locked in the office all day to sit down and write something. But I was constantly caught in this and issue a warning. I could not stand when the "warning" endure because you live the life you want to live - even if you have done all these meaningless tasks
Sometimes they gave me such a task: "Write the instructions to the chip, which we produce." I wrote these instructions, and like any other instruction, written 22-year-old man, it was full of crap. Or had the task: "Follow my car until I come to the airport." And then I had a problem, when a policeman fined for parking.

All the time I got into trouble. < I was afraid all the time. There was nothing interesting in my life. Why, my future seemed even less interesting.

< The chief called me into his office He was 25 -. Not much older than me. But he aimed to become a billionaire, and I was just a nobody. He asked: "Are not you proud of your work?" I blushed and he looked at me and said, "Answer the question." But I did not have an answer, because I'm not proud of his work. And in the end I got fired. On that day, I had to get home hitchhiking.

I became depressed. I felt useless. It seemed to me that I will disappear, leaving behind nothing. I was afraid.

Now we live in a new world. In which you are not required to have a job. Where there are opportunities that await you - we just have to drag and struggled to reach them h3>

Here are ten reasons not to have a job today. And it is also a cause for hope.

1. One job = only one source of income h3> According to the US tax authorities, the average millionaire Seven of different sources of income. The work - only one source of income. And almost half of this revenue the state collects, to fund the war and to pay for something for which you would never have paid themselves.

And your boss withdraws from this income the money not only for the insurance, but also on your desk, your computer, and, in fact, for your right to work for him - he must be removed from you more value than the cost of your labor to it you could earn more (believe me, I know it all - I, too, was the chief). You chained to work, so you can live - but do not succeed

2. Imagine that your job - it's your business h3> In business, usually several sources of income. You spend several hours a week for each product line. However, the work takes a minimum of 60 hours a week. More than 40 hours in the office, plus 10 hours on the road, plus a meaningless exercise in which you are immersed, that was not so pleasant to go to work the next day. You also constantly reminded that tomorrow again for work, so you spend 2-3 hours a day to forget this painful fact.

If you have considered his work as a businessman sees one or the other source of income, you would say: «This is a bad business. We need to switch to something else. »

3. Your job is - a "walking dead» h3> I talked with Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar service. "One day - maybe in ten years - all the cars will not need drivers. In the automotive industry and related sectors of the number of employees will be reduced by 90%, and all these people will have nowhere to go ", - she said. Another friend of mine, Steven Kotler, author of books and Tomorrowland Bold, told me that even therapists are not needed. "Soldiers returning from the war, talk to a therapist computer, which determines whether they have post-traumatic stress syndrome or depression. Lawyers, therapists and middle managers will soon be replaced by an artificial intelligence. »

So who is left? Remain the 0, 1%, which redirected their capital - instead of hiring workers who put items on the shelves, conduct psychotherapy, take care of your legal and accounting issues, they simply buy robots
«< What will happen to these 90% -? I asked Robin. But she did not answer. - They need help »
But who will help them? < There is no answer. No one cares. If you do not quit your job, your work will throw you.

4. You have no friends h3> I have worked in many places. I admit that I am somewhat pathetic character. But I do not have friends from those times. Most of those people behaved nicely, because I was sitting in the next booth and listened to them complain about the lives of their friends and girlfriends and then they hang up. Then they came into my booth and complained about other employees. All the gossip. It was sad. And sometimes I passed by the chief and all froze as toe the line.

Then I came to a new job, and I have other friends appeared.

I hope that is now friends with whom I meet - it Show friends. Because we have become friends due to our common interests and similarities - and I hope, thanks to sympathy for each other

5. Revenues disappear h3> real income of Americans in the past 25 years between the ages 18-35 years fell from $ 36 000 to $ 33 000. Why? Who knows. And then on the TV talking heads claim that you should start to make savings. Meanwhile, the cost of living has increased. How to save when life has become more expensive, and less money?

I do not blame anyone. It is not the government, not Wall Street, not anyone else. Jobs were a myth from the outset. The Industrial Revolution has standardized society, the workers came to the factory at the same time, have the same skills, the same nut tightened with the same speed and were paid every two weeks.

Then came the Internet economy in which work is globalized. We live in an economy of ideas, where the wealth is transferred from people who are working, people who have ideas.

And it's not bad. < Just such is the course of history, and change is always inevitable.

6. Deflation h3> too big changes are coming in the economy The last hundred years have worried inflation -. Prices are rising all the time. But "all the time" - this is not true. Thanks to discoveries in the field of biotechnology in health care costs eventually reduced, and attention will shift from treatment to prevention. When the machine will go without drivers and fueled electricity, machinery and energy costs will be reduced. Thanks to computers and robots, many tasks are performed more efficiently (and not people). Prices for computers fall. Thanks to 3D-print and drones will drop the cost of delivery of goods. And thanks to the virtual reality the cost of many goods will be reduced to a minimum.

The technology has reached the level where the benefits arising from it, reduce costs for the purchase of the technology itself. What's great (we will pay less for what we like). And at the same time bad - in you no longer need, and you can not pay more
This is not some distant future. This future begins now. And everything will be even worse / better, no matter what decision the government comes up with.

7. There is an alternative h3> Here's what the magic of any business that is now thought out:

In some groups of people are redundant "power" (the extra room in the house that are never used or free space in the car.); There is another group of people who are willing to pay for this excess capacity; There is a "platform", which acts as an intermediary between the "a" and "b" and resolves all financial issues, problems, provides logistics and so on. D. (This Airbnb, Uber, and hundreds of similar companies). Economy "excess capacity" everything grows. There are lots of ways to get into the "A" group. And plenty of platforms, not just the Uber and Airbnb, and Alibaba, Ebay, Etsy, Infusionsoft and hundreds of others.

Start learning the surplus power in their lives and how to monetize. It may be a mental excess capacity. Do not underestimate what you have in your head or in the garage. We live in an "economy of ideas", so it pays to develop these ideological muscles.

Do not buy on-line courses, seminars and other nonsense that you are selling self-titled Guru. They sell only false hope. < Just write down 10 ideas a day, to develop their own ideological muscles. They will, believe me.

8. Where to start - some ideas h3> I was afraid, because a lot of people have written to me and told me that do not know what to do if they lost their jobs. Then I wrote a letter to the head of the world's largest platform for freelancers Freelance.com Matt Berry. I asked how a person can earn $ 2,000 over the weekend, with only a few months of training. Matt immediately replied (I want to note that we have no business with him, and there are plenty of similar sites, so I do not promote this site). He wrote (thanks Matt!):

"Each project should be guided by the needs and demands of the employer. However, this way might look like a list of projects that allow freelancers to earn $ 2000 or more for a few days:

< Video / Animation: video projects for KickStarter or Indiegogo or animated video explaining the launch of a new product or service - fairly quick and easy to do online; < Program: for example, for online shopping (Shopify, Magento); lately we are seeing projects rise in e-commerce and commerce in social networks; < Testing sites or automatic data collection from websites; companies often need to carry out minor improvements before launching site, it is important to make sure everything works as it should, so they hire people for thorough testing; < Development and design sites (including WordPress) - you can rely on templates, which quickly and effectively; < Illustrations for children's books: popular work, which is not bad paid. Many authors try to publish books on their own, and illustrators can focus on a variety of styles; < Lyrics: there are lots of people who need help with business plans or editing their books. They are not as fluent in the language, but want their text look good; < Photoshop and other design work - PowerPoint, infographics, brochures, presentations. " I'm not saying that you have to take for it (and what you get). But the possibilities (including learn it) there.

9. Where to get education h3> lynda.com, Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, Codecademy, Udacity, Skillshare - this is only the shortest list. They will not help you better do your basic job, but the idea just settle additional sources of income, which may eventually replace your job. I took courses at most of these sites. My 13-year-old daughter is on Codecademy.

10. Stable salary - it is a fake h3> Stable salary - the worst that can happen to you. Stable salary - is no feedback on how well you cope. You always get the same amount every two weeks. No income should be a source of feedback. If it grows, you can develop the components of your income, that really work. If it falls, you can change what does not work well. That's how people earn a lot of money.

Stable salary - an addiction that causes people to be deceived and think that they are fine (as long as they are not fired). Contact Us - this knowledge. A knowledge multiplies happiness.

11. (Bonus) Be happy with less h3> A year ago, I threw away almost all that I had. If an item does not fit in a backpack, I have it no longer. Some people need two backpack or suitcase. Or ten. I'm not saying it's good or bad.

But some people need a certain amount of money in the bank. Or they have always wanted to have them in a closet hung (no need) some thing.

< Appreciate not objects, and stories and impressions. Today, the story is available for free. If this is not your story, listen to the stories of others. Imagine a story about what happens in the interval from the present moment before the last time you close your eyes. A story that people will talk at your funeral. What happens in this story? You will move the paper from the table on the table? Or will you serve people who do not deserve it?

Or make friends with non-regular people who gossip behind your back? Or take orders from the big bosses? As a child, you want to draw, write, akterstvovat, make people laugh. How long will you put off this moment?

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