So they say in Odessa

Odessa - a special city. On the unique humor and slang, famous of its inhabitants were legends, write books and make films. Some linguists even emit so-called Odessa language - so it is colorful, full of color and unusual turns of phrase.

< Website I admire wit Odessa and believes that they can learn exactly ironic attitude to life.

  • - Sarah, look, how old are you?

    - I recently went up to thirty.

    - Oh, and Shaw took you so long on the road?
  • Senya, I've seen your mistress and I have to say, sho is not treason, and wild feat!
  • - I moved to Israel for the sake of the children, and they are still happy!

    - Do you live together?

    - No, they remained in Odessa.
  • - I'm sorry to call so late, Samuel Markovic.

    - Are not you late, Sofa, you do - nothing!
  • Fima, if you did nothing to throw at the feet of women, I beg you, at least do it not to be confused!
  • - Sho you ogle me?

    - And sho, I'll have to build a society?
  • Senya, eat soup, Schaub you dead, you have to get better!
  • - Tell me, please, what kind of plant?

    - That ve sho, simple eye ?! Taki Odessa is!
  • I do not want to upset you, but I'm fine!
  • My Sarochka perfect hearing, she even hears on my card the money comes from.
  • - And sho, as you have your health?

    - Oh ... it I have!
  • You sho, hurry up rather than me?!
  • And sho you go bankrupt, without a penny?
  • On Privoz:

    - Mila, tomatoes have a good or later will be cheaper? 9ebbdc188b.jpg

    • Do not do mine pregnant head!
    • Do not twist my Faberge me!
    • - Oh, something your mackerel is not gold ...

      - Lady, you are going to her desire to think or after eating?
      • Well, after you buy, or should I forget you forever?
      • Seaview and vice versa.
      • I am not such a fool as your father's children.
      • At the stop opens the door of the bus, and the potential passenger asks:

        - I drive to the train station?


        - Be reached.

        The passenger of the potential to become a real, closed the door behind him, and the driver continued:

        - Drive away, but, alas, not to me!
      • If the mother thinks sho vie lot of eating and sleeping, it did not your mother, and my mother your wife.
      • On too open dress with a deep neckline, "Madam, you have the same heart of the yard!»
      • - Oh, your Abramchik face - the spitting image of the pope!

        - It's not scary, it would be healthy!
      • Trying to squeeze out of the trolley bus at rush hour:

        - Leave?

        - No.

        - Let's change.

        - What do you have?
      • We are looking for Shevchenko Park, goes toward the root Odessa:

        - We go right to the park?

        - Did so! Just completely in the opposite direction!
      • The dialogue in the Odessa tram:

        - Young man sho vie not vihodite ?!

        - I go out.

        - ( With anguish em>) So sho vie silent?! 191782289a.jpg

      • Yasha, look at what her hip song!
    • A man that you tulites ahead of me. You are not standing!
  • Dear tenants, have a conscience! To throw garbage into the neighboring yard!
Do not take me to the place where the back ends its noble name! Oh, do not persuade me, I so agree! < Close the curtains, and then his mouth - and do night to night. In the land of the people rests. When they are buried in it. From the conversation in the queue:

- Can you imagine, Sarah, he sent me three letters!

- Do you?

- And I sho? I said, "Young man, I was there more than you outdoors». - Well, as Sarah in bed?

- Taki fit. If you agree that I fried an egg on your fat, I will allow you to cook your meat in my soup. The conversation with elderly spouses Siltings:

- Bora, you're tired mine its exciting jealousy! Schaub ve lived so as cry the blues! Eat, dear guests, eat! Salmon, sausage, ham ... But caviar ... for those who have absolutely no conscience! Grandma Sonia liked Skype.

- No, you still see what a thing! And like we have guests, and feeding is not necessary. - Rose, how do you like my new dress?

- I'm sorry, Sarah, I'm in a hurry, I is not up to the scandals! - Sarah, I do not dare to object!

- Abramchik, I do not mind. I am silent ...

- Then take away from the view of your face! I respect you, but have forgotten what!

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