20 beautiful films that are worth seeing in love

Talking about love is never easy, and even harder to make films about love - too thin line between sensuality and sugary, tragedy and drama. Like a painter, you need to carefully mix the paint, apply strokes and playing with light, gently and harmoniously to pave the way to the depths of human feelings.

Website gathered in this post films, which are worth seeing in love. Together. And much to understand about yourself and your significant other.

Perfect Sense / Perfect Sense

This film is worth seeing if only to begin to appreciate the feeling of love itself. Eva Green and Ewan McGregor shrill, strong and honest demonstrated the full range of shades of feelings. Worth to see if you're tired of the beautiful Hollywood fairy tale with vanilla pink recognition that mistakenly call love, and if you are able to assess the sophisticated, powerful, gut-wrenching every emotion inside the films.

One Day / One Day

It is a hymn light feeling, smelling of old books, green grass and rolls, the singing of the wind, laughter, smiles and the most unique life - as we have described this picture. Creative, touches the soul, incredibly bright ribbon with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, who looked so harmoniously together. Movies about life. But that's life itself is much more ugly. But that's another story.

My Blueberry Nights / My Blueberry Nights

The director Wong Kar-wai was able to "cook" the perfect "blueberry" in his every frame of the movie. Excellent acting, unparalleled work of the operator create the effect of mild unreality, like a sleepy night sitting at the bar and eat blueberry pie. And, of course, we can not but mention the incomparable music of Norah Jones, who, like ice cream, ideally complements the cake.

The Painted Veil / The Painted Veil

Quiet village lost in the mountains. The cholera epidemic, dispassionately takes the lives of people. Against this background, Edward Norton and Naomi Watts excellently played by Walter and Kitty. Their love story is somewhat different than the one described by Somerset Maugham in the novel, but it is charming in its own way. Every detail of it makes it clear that true love is not one that is born in a fleeting flash of passion lovers, but one that occurs in a bid partners to understand each other and themselves.

American Beauty / American Beauty

"Sometimes the world is so much beauty, I just can not stand it, it seems that the heart will not stand." This is a film about how people gradually cease to see the beauty in ourselves and in the world. And it is everywhere - in the dance of the fence plastic bag, in the starry sky, in a laughing girl, which was once in love with. And in this changing reality of film by Sam Mendes.

Up in the Sky / Up In the Air

This extremely thin and truthful film captivates his sincerity. With ease he brings to many sometimes hidden, but such an obvious and really deep meaning "alone - it is not life. Everyone needs a co-pilot ... "This is the merit of the director, the entire cast and especially George Clooney, who is not afraid to laugh at yourself.

Lake House / The Lake House

A film about the love between two people who share a distance. But it is not calculated in kilometers, not the city, and time. The original story is removed is simple, but beautiful, and awesome music so subtly intertwined with the image that they become one. Therefore, the film "The Lake House" was very gentle, sensual and catchy.

Plus odin

Directed by "Peter FM" Oksana Bychkova withdrew this stylish, exciting, easy and a good picture, but not about the romantic St. Petersburg and Moscow on the prosaic. After her want to smile. Long, open to everyone. And I want to say thank infinite to those who did not stay with us once, but it changed all of our lives.

Midnight in Paris / Midnight In Paris

Woody Allen - a magician, but not admit it. His film "Midnight in Paris" has turned light as steps on the stone bridge over the Seine, bright as a charming dress actress Marion Cotillard and charming, if, of course, so all we can say about the film.

Meet Joe Black / Meet Joe Black

Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt - what do you need for a chic film. But there is something more in it - the universe in which good and evil are intertwined, nobility and dishonor, fear, courage, love and death. They have always been inseparable. But how beautiful they are joined in the film, it makes a standing ovation.

Room with a View / A Room With a View

"Room with a View," directed by James Ivory - a jewel shimmers in the sun all imaginable and unimaginable colors. At the same time the film is impregnated with a kind of dignity and consistency of the English. There is one brief but passionate kiss on the barley field is worth a dozen of crazy nights.

Real Love / Love Actually

"Love is all around us. It is real everywhere, "- these words begins the film, and it seems that you can watch it a hundred times, and it still will not get bored. In love with his housekeeper writer, an aging rock star, bored prime minister, a widower, actors-doubles - all the heroes of the film have witnessed something very important. Yes, we exaggerated, but it does not happen in life. But this movie is a dream, so cynics please do not disturb.

Before Sunset / Before Sunset

They met again after 9 years. She is still alone. His wife and young son, but at home nobody laughs. This film is about what they can tell each other just for a couple of hours for this meeting. The fact that hovers around them the air of Paris, while singing her guitar. The fact that sitting in her apartment, and looking at the way she dances and laughs, he just missed the plane ...

Sleepless in Seattle / Sleepless in Seattle

The film, surprising in its simplicity, richness and touching. Pass one of the cozy evenings in the company of his heroes - a true gift for the mind and the heart. It has everything you need: a nice and lonely main character played by Tom Hanks, plain, but charming heroine Meg Ryan, adorable kids, obligatory quotations from classic soul and warms the atmosphere.

Bridges of Madison County / The Bridges Of Madison County

Clint Eastwood filmed on the novel by Robert James Waller's film "The Bridges of Madison County" did not have any high film awards, it is extremely rare to see on TV, and the book is not so easy to find. But he still remembers watching, and the main thing - love. For a stunning duo cast Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood for scenic expanses of the American deaf province. See "Bridges of Madison County." And drink a bottle of wine with a loved one - when, if not now?


Beautiful Russian film about love, friendship and miracles. About fidelity and cowardice. About Moscow and Muscovites. About growing up. And they say such a very serious and unhumorous things, but barely restrained himself from laughing. The expected happy ending, but instead - a resounding slap. But perhaps without it it would be much harder and more painful.

Lovers / Falling In Love

Simple and very life movie, but at the same time, he showed a rare phenomenon - true love. No frills, unexpected plot twists and suspense. There is a story of two no longer young lovers who find each other in a large New York City. Perhaps the whole thing at Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep, who played so honestly that he did not believe that the on-screen when viewing in front of us actors.

Romeo + Juliet / Romeo + Juliet

"Romeo + Juliet" - a very stylish and bold interpretation of Shakespeare's immortal tragedy. One can argue about whether the classics gather dust on a shelf, remaining unchanged, without getting a new, exciting interpretation. But the main thing else: the director managed to bright show with a sense of great love of Romeo and Juliet.

Message in a bottle / Message In a Bottle

This film is touching, gentle, sincere and a little tough. Although the plot is not very original curled or - they are not needed. The picture already does not let go until the very end, and a feeling that we were given a peek at someone else's life. There is no place for hypocrisy, affectedness, all of the husk, which is found in abundance in the melodramas. The film is just two hours opens the doors of the soul, admits to particles of all shades of feelings and quietly closes, leaving alone with our emotions.

Station for dvoih

Brilliant film director Eldar Ryazanov and screenwriter Emil Bragin created film of all time - "Railway Station for Two". The picture was released back in 1982 and still looks the same breath. Lyudmila Gurchenko and Oleg Basilashvili played, no, we have lived to an incredibly emotional and far difficult love story of people from different social strata. But love is known to sweep away all obstacles.

The source frames from the movies: kinopoisk.ru

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