So what's the difference between "love" and "being in love" ... revolutionary views!

Many single women who, for whatever reason, have not yet found their love probably cool tired of the typical annoying issues surrounding "Why are you not have a boyfriend?" "You're so beautiful ... What, no one drew on horizon? "," Are you still single? Are you clearly something wrong! ". However, many of them simply have not found a man with whom would plunge into the maelstrom of love.

They say that when you fall in love for real, you arises an indescribable feeling of euphoria that is more often compared to the butterflies in the stomach, there is a trembling in the knees, feelings prevail over the logic, you lose your mind and forget about everything. Then you certainly know - it's the love of your life ... Probably many of you have experienced this condition? At the same time, some say that love - this is not a combination of the chemical elements in the body, it is primarily an informed choice. Perhaps both sides are right. Only in the first case, it is love, and the second - the one true love. But what is the difference between them? One of them can exist without the other, while the other - no.

love - means to make their choice in favor of a person. We love our family, because these people are ready to go for you to the end of the world. We love our friends, because they can entrust their most intimate secrets. We love our loved ones. But the question arises: "In love with me in them?»

It so happens that the people who are already quite long provstrechalis suddenly realize that the person who is next to them someone else. They do not experience any feelings for him. Yes, they respect a partner, take care of him, he really cares about them, they may even like it, but there is one little "but" - they are not in love with him. Feel the difference?

love someone - is to be led by his desires. To love a man - is to share with him my thoughts and deepest secrets. Being in love - to tell him about everything, thinking about it all the time and look for it in every person. Love - it feel warmer in his arms, to be in love - to bask in his arms and burning desire to not only emotional, but physical intimacy.

You can be in love and love at the same time. However, love without love - it's a very fragile substance. But in order to love someone, not necessarily to be in love with him. Many girls and boys have, for example, the wonderful friends of the opposite sex. You agree that you love them very much, but you're not in love with them. We tend to love people for something, and fall in love just like that.

Each of us as to how much he is able to love, puts a different understanding of the word "love." That is why we have no right to judge someone stronger and lighter one relationship. We do not know what lurks in the human heart. We have no right to attack lonely girl uncomfortable questions. Maybe she just has not found the very man whom she would not just love, but will be madly in love, and next to whom she wants from an overabundance of feelings screaming.

I catch the difference? I hope by reading this article, you remember a loved one who occupied all of your thoughts. And if next to you There are no such wish to be sure to meet him. Tell us about these arguments about the great feeling of the people dear to the heart.


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