What it means to love

To love is to know a loved one

I know many parties the identity of another person: not only advantages, but also disadvantages, the defects and contradictions of his nature. I am aware of his thoughts and feelings. I know what is happening in his soul. I know what lies behind the social and role-playing mask and I know what this man really is.

To love is to care about the welfare of someone you love

My concern is dictated by a sincere love. She presses on a loved one, and I don't turn it into their property. On the contrary, my concern is the source of liberty for both of us. If I care about you, I care about you to grow as a person. I hope you will be able to fully realize all its possibilities. It means I'm not keeping you from doing what you're doing, although at times I feel some discomfort.

To love is to respect the dignity of the person I love

If I love you, I see you as independent, not dependent on me. I respect your moral values, thoughts and feelings. I don't insist that you give up your individuality for the sake of conformity to my ideas about you. Can I allow you to preserve their identity, I'll even contribute to it. I'm not going to treat you like a thing and not going to use you to meet their needs.

To love is to take responsibility for a loved one

If I love you, I'm sensitive to the majority of your personal needs. Such responsibility does not mean that I do something for you that you can do yourself. The pit will live for you your life. Responsibility is the understanding that my identity and my actions affect you. But in many respects depend on me you're happy or not. Loving and able to hurt someone he loves, and neglect it. In this sense, for me to love is to take responsibility for how you affect my behaviour and my actions.

Love is the perfection of both, and loving, and loved

I love you and this love makes me better. For me you are the stimulus, and I want to fully realize their potential. My love is the same incentive for you. Taking care of a friend and feeling his concern, each of us improving. We share with each other life experience that does not diminish the importance of each of us as individuals.

To love is to be loyal to someone you love

Love is devotion to someone you love. Devotion does not mean a total rejection of himself in the name of another or a permanent relationship. But it means unconditional willingness to be with the one you love when it's hard for him when he doubts, when he suffers and overcomes difficulties. It is also the willingness to share with him the relaxed and joyful moments.

To love is to be vulnerable

I trusted you and opened. You can hurt me, reject me and I might lose you. But despite the fear of losing you, I should let you become an important person for me — that's what love is. Because you're not perfect, you can make me suffer. In love there can be no assurance, and no one can promise you that it will last forever. To love is to participate in another person's life and to share with them the experience he acquires. I love you, but because I want to spend time with you and sharing with you important part of your life. But at the same time I want to share with you important events in your life.

To love is to trust someone you love

I love you, and because I believe that you will accept my caring and my love. I believe that consciously you can't make me suffer. I believe that to you, the person you love. I believe that you'll never leave me. I believe that our love is mutual. If we trust each other, we have nothing to hide from each other, there is no need to wear masks and pretend. We can demonstrate to each other their true selves.

To love is to trust yourself

A huge role in any relationship plays a trust for your loved one. But not less important is the ability to trust yourself. If you are hesitant to rely on yourself, you will hardly be able to believe the person who wants to share the love.

To love is to be able to accept the shortcomings

In relations based on love, there are moments of emptiness when we're almost ready to give up. There are moments of tension and moments when we feel that to break off relations impossible. True love is not happiness. However, we can survive hard times because we remember our past and unable to imagine our future, if we will understand our problems and be done with them.

Love is freedom

Love is given willingly. My love for you does not depend on you will meet my expectations or not. The person experiencing true love says: "I will love you when you turn into perfection or when it becomes the way I want to see you". True love is the gift that you give without asking anything in return. It is not restricted by any preconditions.

The love for man means the need for it

If without you I am nothing, so my love for you cannot be called truly free. If you leave me, I will be sad and lonely but I can survive. If without you I can't survive, so I'm not free and can't question our relationship or criticize your actions. Afraid to lose you, I'll settle for less than I need, and it will lead to resentment.

To love is to identify ourselves with a loved one

If I love you, I can empathize and see the world through your eyes. This is possible because in you I see myself and you see me as yourself. Such proximity does not mean that we are inseparable. Separation and distance is sometimes very important for relations loving each other men. Distance can not only give a new impetus to the relations, but also able to help loving to discover new features. Because of this they are met, will see each other in a new light. The paradox of love is that two beings becoming one whole, are individuals.

True love is impossible without self-esteem

I cannot genuinely love another if you cannot love, appreciate, approve, accept and respect yourself. If inside me the emptiness, I can't offer anything else besides this emptiness. If I feel like a complete person worthy of respect, I can share with others what we have. One of the best ways to demonstrate your love along to enjoy what I can share with him. To love is to understand that the loved one is able to develop. If I love you, I can understand the person you can become. But this does not prevent me to make you what you are now.

To love is to free ourselves from the illusion of complete control

The more zealously I seek for a complete control, the worse I do it. Love involves the renunciation of attempts to control everything. It involves openness to events that happen around us. This openness means that a person is able to be surprised. The more in love unexpected, the longer she lives. Predictability kills love. Surprise and amazement — that is the essence of love. To make love a prisoner of everyday life is to deny her passion and forever lose her. published


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