As smell to find drugs

According to Ayurvedic knowledge, in the dry matter of the smell is the best description of its composition. Because when we smell, it is a natural method of determination: good this substance to the body or not .

Why the “natural way”? Because doing so always all living creatures that can somehow try to understand that fits what they want to eat or not. First living creature sniffs and then eats.

Smell is the main characteristic.

Look no features has. The look is very difficult to determine whether this is edible food.

Taste can be something to give some kind of response. Taste determines how the prana of the product, how the character coincides with our prana, our character. That is, they can guess which products will be well to act on the mind and give tonus, mental or physical, using taste.

But the smell gives you all the features. For example, if the substance is poisonous, and you want to poison, the smell will indicate that there is a poison. Appears very unpleasant feeling, a feeling of fear at the smell. It seems, and it is unclear what smells, but the fear is there — it means there is poison. When a person sniffs, suddenly suddenly feels fear.

I have compiled the table on the many experiences of working with patients. That is, deduced experimentally that the smell is the main characteristic for substances. I just developed a classification of smells which really can be used to pick up herbs and medicine, even traditional.

In order to sniff, you need to consider a few things.

First, you can just sniffing to find out or no product, not even to classify the odors. If you have good intuition, you can understand.

For example, if you smell nice — like it should fit, right? A pleasant smell. But know this, that if the smell in this warm, sweet, spicy or tart, bitter, that is nice and sharp, nice and tart, nice and bitter, and so on — means this substance is not suitable for you. It could only affect on mood, mind well. But, for the serious treatment it will not cure.
The smell is pleasant influence on the psyche. If, say, you want to treat the disease — depression or nervousness increased, if the smell of medication unpleasant, it will not affect the mind. So the smell must be pleasant, it guarantees a good effect on the mind.
Smell easy. Light or heavy... indicates the anatomical effect on our body. For example, if the smell is light, smells easily — it means that the body, anatomical structure, this scent is suitable.
If the smell is heavy — so if you want inflammation in the body to treat, it is useless, no good will not. Even if the medicine is to be — doesn't matter.

The smell of fresh. Sometimes fresh and rotten. The fresh smell gives you the opportunity to treat the nervous system, and to some extent affect the prana of the person. But mostly, of course, the effect on the nervous system. That is, if you want to treat the nervous system, you need to look for a fresh smell that it was fresh, smelled fresh.

A cool smell. It is associated with the activity of the prana. Sometimes cool, sometimes warm. If a person has hypertension, or on the contrary reduced pressure, lethargy, high fever in the body or severe cold, he never has to deal with the warm smell.

Warm smell means one, which destroys the movement of prana in the body.

Also should not be excessively cold smell, if a person reduced pressure.

Sharply cold, too, is not suitable.

The cool scent is a good smell, which means: suitable, vigor appear, the reduced pressure will increase, and increased — decreases.

The smell is neutral. Often the pills, just a neutral smell, or cereals. It is necessary to make the powder of the cereals or from this pill. Sniff, if agitation, and held close to the nose displays freshness, or does not appear — it means the medicine is suitable. If dust appears, dustiness, or a nuisance which means that it does not fit.

If the smell is very strong, but it is light, fresh, pleasant, cool it means that medicine or herb or food product for you, but in very small doses. If the force is very large, a strong smell in the nose, you move away.

If you see that at some distance the smell is light, fresh, pleasant and slightly — this means the dose use of this product or medications should be very small. If the smell is pleasant, cool, breezy, but there are lighter shades of intensity, warmth, astringency, sour, pilesti, sladkovato, bitterness, earthiness, this means that this smell, this product is right for you, you can eat, but do not be carried away by it all.

You should know that even if the product is sharp, but black pepper is suitable, you sniff it, a sharp smell will not be a fresh smell. Despite the fact that the product is acute, the severity of the smell, even the hot pepper will not, you will not feel. The other person can bring to the nose and it's impossible for him to even sniff it, it will be very pungent smell strong, unpleasant. This means that every person fits your product, your products, and the smell of each person differ. One will one smell from another — completely different. They are very different, the smells. Can any product in a dry form to take a sniff and give your family members and you will see that all will be absolutely on its own smell.

If the smell is unpleasant - so this product is not suitable. It should not be eaten. It cannot be that it was unpleasant and approached. Not to be confused with taste. The taste can be unpleasant, but useful.

If the smell is pleasant, the taste can be unpleasant. The smell always accurately give a diagnosis of the substances, the taste can be wrong. Therefore, the taste of something can be bitter but it can cure. The smell should be always light, fresh, cool, pleasant. The difference is clear in these things? You may want to experiment. If you have something suitable, you smell and taste try it, you'll see the difference.published


Author: O. Torsunov


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