The amazing properties of drugs of traditional Chinese medicine

Today we will talk about the "nature" of the ingredients... Komuto may immediately come to mind movie: "Nordic character". And there is a certain logic. Here you have, for example, what character? Closer to the Scandinavian North is "cold" or to the southern Mediterranean — the "hot"?..

The character depends on the amount of natural heat that goes to the living organism "historically". And although in our case we are talking about drugs, not about the people, the essence remains the same. All the same the eternal balance of Yin and Yang.

Like, how the sun affects the qualities of the person also changes it properties of plants. Indeed, the grass and trees growing in different climatic zones, at different heights or even on opposite sides of a hill (!), significantly different from each other in therapeutic effect.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) the nature of the ingredients determines just find out in practice that gives a cure after eating a cold, fever, warmth or coolness. If, for example, after taking the medicine the patient is reduced body temperature, a feeling of coolness, it means cold. Conversely, if after the use of medications, the patient no longer feels cold in limbs throughout the body, he feels warm, and the pulse quickens, this means that it has warm or hot nature.

To determine at a glance the character of each ingredient will not work. Some idea of the character you can get knowing the chemical composition, but to know the exact information allows only experiment with a man.

TCM has long possessed such information against thousands of different ingredients, we can only accept it.

To know inside

The nature of all drugs (by the way, and food too) are divided into five groups: cold, cool, neutral, warm and hot (or hot).

COLD medications

In Chinese medicine cold medicines used to remove from the body "heat, fire, poison." They are often used in the "syndrome of completeness" (in TCM — the beginning of any inflammatory process with increasing temperature). These drugs are used quite intensively, but a very short time. From the perspective of modern medicine, this group includes antipyretic, detoxification drugs.

Cold herbs quite a lot, call only the most famous: anti-inflammatory — aloe Vera, velvet, Wajda, St. John's wort, some species of wormwood, duckweed, celandine; laxatives — rhubarb, Euphorbia; "heart" — Lily of the valley; hepatoprotectors — gentian.

In the group of cold medicine containing most minerals. "Our" European medicines, especially tablets with a filler, often have inorganic, mineral composition, and therefore also belong to the cold medicines. It antibiotics, vitamins, the majority of psychotropic drugs, narcotic and non-narcotic analgesics, aspirin. It is necessary to consider them cool, especially in long-term care!

The palm group cold medicine belongs to the gypsum — drug of TCM, which is written, that it is not just cold, but "very cold".

COOL drugs

In the treatises of TCM write that cool drugs are used "when a deficiency of Yin and empty heat", that is, when the exhaustion from a long illness until organic disorders. With modern positions, these drugs clean the body chronic inflammation as septic and aseptic; activate the processes of anabolism — buildup.

To the cool grass, for example, include saxifrage, Highlander snake, Bupleurum, mint, Senna, Burnet, Lily, peony, motherwort, thuja and others. Drugs derived from these herbs, you can take longer than cold. The number of plants used in herbal medicine, this group include the ingredients with a calming effect. These herbs are really "cool" the excited heart, liver, brain. Cool and nourish the bodies themselves.


Have no specific properties, but each of these drugs may have a weak pronounced heat or cold. Neutral drugs will be useful in those cases where there is a "mixed syndrome of heat and cold." Can be used in combination with other ingredients. You can use them for a long time, because often these funds are for the body the supply.

This group includes Polygonatum, Lotus, honey, agrimony, rosehips, licorice, plum, tinder, asparagus, yarrow, yams (Dioscorea), barley, and many other components.

WARM medications

Used to add Yang (active, functional part of body energy), qi (vitality, energy). In the body these drugs increase the function of thermogenesis, enhance and increase functional activity of organs and systems. Group warm drugs include calamus, Valerian, mustard, elecampane, Angelica, lemongrass, onion, sea buckthorn, dill, thyme, Siberian ginseng and many other plant and animal components. To this group also are favorite among the people, especially the men, deer antler velvet is the strongest source of Yang and qi for the weakened organism.

HOT (HOT) medications

The "South" the nature of the ingredients used to be eliminated from the body penetrated from the outside cold. In the modern sense, they reinforce the processes of digestion, relieve vascular spasms occurred on the background of cold, promote movement of blood and increased blood flow in the affected areas.

This small group is indispensable when it comes to treating a serious "cold" illnesses. Among the hot medicines is spices such as pepper, korisnik, ginger. There are poisonous plants — for example, curculigo, Croton, Aconite, — which undergo additional processing to reduce toxicity.

A well-known character — look approach

The basic principle of the use of different ingredients were formulated in the classic work of TCM"the Canon of travovedeniyu Divine farmer": "treat a cold using hot medication; treat fever using cold medicines."

It is also necessary to take into account seasonal and climatic factor. In the "Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal"States: "If the energy of the year and the movement... are hot, you need to medicate a cold or cool nature. If the energy of the year and the movement... are cool, should be treated with drugs of warm or hot nature. Do not use the medicine of a hot nature in the hot weather, medications cool nature, cool weather, drugs of warm nature in warm weather, drugs of cold nature in cold weather. When you take food and drink, you need to follow the same rules."

Author: Vitaly Hoboes

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