Unexplained infertility: treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine

In the terminology of traditional Chinese medicine irritability, depression and frustration — apparent symptoms of "stagnation of liver Meridian".

It should be noted that in Chinese medicine it is always not just about individual bodies, but also the meridians that pass through them. Women suffering from stagnation at the liver Meridian, are often dissatisfied with their work, often staying late at the workplace or were once on the pill.

In addition, they often observed the inner psychological disorder associated with the problem of the establishment of the child and his education. Dysfunction of the sense of family also may play a big role in the development of stagnation at the liver Meridian. Thus, the physiological symptoms — irregular menstrual cycle, PMS, dark blood with clots, pain in the chest, hectic, frequent breath — may be accompanied by the already mentioned psychological symptoms.

Infertility, according to the concept "liver Meridian", is predominantly a female disease and it is often the so-called unexplained infertility, that is, has no distinct reasons for the occurrence. This is because the result of the General weakness of the body deteriorates the blood flow to the pelvic region. Taken at a certain moment of the menstrual cycle herbal treatment, acupuncture and timely consultation can be an effective means of dealing with infertility.

However, even in this case, the regeneration of the body after an illness and return to fertility can take months. The final period of recovery can only be determined in each case depending on the individual patient. But despite the time spent on treatment results in pregnancy becomes even more desirable the reward, coupled with the emotional upheaval that comes after "cleansing" the liver Meridian.

Miscarriage: a view of specialists of traditional Chinese medicine
60% of miscarriage occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, more specifically, in the first half of the first trimester. The main cause of natural abortion in most cases are genetic characteristics of the organism. To say that Chinese medicine is able to alter the genetic structure of a person, of course, no one can. However, the techniques of traditional Chinese medicine, however, is very useful to strengthen the body as a whole.

If a woman has a miscarriage, it is very important to restore and preserve her energy QI and the blood circulation in the body. Usually this means the reconstruction of the Meridian of the kidney (Kidney Qi), which is involved in the formation of blood and energy QI. Again it should be mentioned that we are talking not only about the body, but also a psycho-fizeologichesky matrix and visceral relationship of the kidneys and passes through the Meridian.

In Eastern medicine, it is considered that any chronic imbalance affects the kidney Meridian. This means that if a person has a weak Constitution of an organism (paleness, chills, lack of appetite, etc.), all of this is a result of either prenatal (genetic) influences, or long-term painful condition of the body. If this state of body is not too launched, it can be changed through the course of treatment of kidney disease based on the use of herbs, acupuncture, diet and special exercises. Because the kidneys are closely associated with bones and bone brain involved in the formation of blood, which, in turn, nourishes the QI energy. Thus, the cycle is reversed.

According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, blood is, in fact, the power of the body, QI protection, and kidney Meridian — the holder of the fetus. There is a known formula linking the energy of QI and blood. It is used to strengthen the body and prepare women for conception. Especially effective this formula if the woman has already had the sad experience of miscarriage. To apply the formula should be for three to six months before attempting conception. It sounds like this: "a Decoction of the Mountain tai". There is a view of a famous Chinese mountain which has become a place of pilgrimage for many pious Chinese, hoping for the fulfillment of prayers. Because climbing a mountain is a dangerous and demanding task, and compare it with what you have to go to the woman who decided to have a baby. However, the doctor just prescribes the patient a decoction of herbs. Producing detailed diagnostics of a condition of women's health, the doctor each time the formula changes depending on the individual characteristics of the patient.

Another point to consider in connection with the risk of miscarriage, it should refrain from intimate relationships during pregnancy. In Asia, there is a very definite attitude towards sex: there is nothing that could be called "dirty" in relation to someone's sexuality or sexual relationships. Sex is perceived quite calmly and is considered as a natural phenomenon of nature, like rain or clouds. The task of the specialist of traditional Chinese medicine is not to make recommendations about how a man and a woman to build her sexual relationship, but only to educate the patient about the possible consequences of those or other careless actions.

So, the physician should warn the couple that in the first trimester of pregnancy sex for women is contraindicated, especially if she already had a miscarriage, as in this period the placenta has not yet fully formed. In principle, most of the doctors advise to refrain from sexual intercourse during the entire period, even couples, on whose account no one failed pregnancy. It should be noted that for most modern families, who spent a lot of effort to conceive and abstaining from sex for nine months is not such a big problem.

Women over the age of 40 years even Western doctors strongly recommend to refuse sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Our doctors are ready to offer You tested and proven techniques and methods for the treatment of infertility. We invite You to the first appointment, during which our doctors will conduct a free pulse diagnosis and will advise on possible treatment methods, common in Chinese medicine. published


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