23 rare archival image that will transform your idea of ​​history. This you have not seen!

You refer to those erudite who dream and then to learn something new and absorb knowledge like a powerful vacuum cleaner? Well, the editors of information and entertainment online resources taken care of intellectuals. Our team is prepared for you a selection of the next informal category "Rare historical photographs." This photo is seen a few - they were once hidden from the prying eyes of the public. Each of the pictures - it is a reflection of a particular historical era.

This 23 rare historical pictures of the great and famous, who, like a time machine, will take you back in time. Ready for adventure? Then hurry up!

Woody Allen with his family in Leningrad, 1978.

Eddie Murphy breakfast in Paris, 1985.

This item is used in the XVII century in Europe as a prop for the analog games into the bottle.

Parking abandoned cars, Chernobyl, 1986.

Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd, 1986.

protective uniforms for women working in munitions factories. The girl on the right is a protective plastic bra, USA, 1943. B>

When the Great Depression flour producers have learned that sometimes distressed mother sew clothes for their children from the bags of flour, they launched the bags of colorful fabrics factory, USA, 1930.

Frank Sinatra surrounded by crazy fans, 1940.

Private Seryozhenka. 6-year-old boy dressed up in the form of a soldier. B>

Kraków, 1970 (photographer Ian Morek).

Koala drink from a spoon, Australia, in 1900.

Masks of ladies' stockings in which the Stratton brothers from Britain were killing their victims, 1900.

Automatic spray perfume in 1952.

The finalists of the "Miss America" ​​in 1933.

The musician Moby, 1987.

The museum archaeologists and collect dinosaur leg, 1916.

Friedrich Nietzsche in a psychiatric hospital, in 1899.

Gun brass knuckles Le Centenaire, France, 1889.

Albert Einstein, 1933.

Michael Keaton and Tim Burton during the filming of the picture "Batman" in 1989.

Experimental Station testing gas masks, London, 1932.

Mahatma Gandhi dancing.

I was most surprised by dancing Mahatma Gandhi. The old man was still one quenching! I'm sure you do not regret that spent Playback your precious time. I think your friends will also be interesting to lift the curtain of history. To share with them these old pictures.

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