Father abused boy with the disabled. But his sister act deserves respect.

This is the story of a girl who met her father nine years ago, and learned that she has two younger brothers. Since then, her life has changed dramatically. Three days after meeting the pope said he wanted to work abroad, and that it would be very helpful if the boys lived with her. The girl was 19, with his brothers, it was almost familiar, but once they fell in love. Therefore, he agreed that they would remain in her and cared for them for four years, while the Pope supported them with money. But the time came when my sister knew so on can not continue.

It's Quinten. He has a rare chromosomal abnormality, because of which he is unable to walk, talk and take care of themselves. B>

However, the boy is of particular cheerfulness. He is constantly laughing and giggling over the whole row. B>

No matter where you went Quinten, always followed on the heels of his brother Cameron. It protects him and shared with him their secrets. When it was time to go to school, Cameron was transferred to home schooling, because he is constantly worried about Kvintene being in the classroom. B>

On the day of birth Kvintenu bought cake. My sister cut him a white piece, and he wanted a chocolate, so reaching for the cake and made it. With food he always so. B>

She took care of her brothers for four years before deciding that it was too much for her both emotionally and financially. So she asked her father to take the boy to him abroad. In this photo, she says goodbye to them at the airport. B>

After two years, the pope said he was returning to earnings. Now the boys lived in a four-hour drive from his sister, and she was pleased to be able to visit them. They were already 11 and 13 years old. She drew attention to the fact that Quinten looked thin and miserable. B>

The sister tried to visit them as often as possible. Every time she came in the fridge there was no food in the house was dirty, and everyone was sad. She again and again had to clean the house and to buy food. Boys are constantly sick, but his father did not bother their health. B>

It became clear that my father no longer cares about his sons. 14-year-old Cameron himself ready, fed his brother, bathed and changed his diapers. Father mistreated Cameron, yelled at him and beat. Soon my sister decided that was one of the most difficult in her life. She denounced his father to the relevant authorities guardianship. B>

This test is not over. After a custody officer spoke with Cameron, and he told him about everything that they have to endure, the employee has promised that will deal with the situation. Three weeks passed and nothing happened, then my sister called again and asked to take her brother out of this hell. The answer that soon them someone will come. But no action has been taken. She said that the children would be taken away to itself, but it will be regarded as abduction, as she lives out of state. I want to believe that the lives of these children will improve soon.



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