It's not Photoshop, this is the money market in Somalia. So that's where people are rowing money with a shovel!

If you think that rowing money with a shovel - this is just a dream pink idiot, then you dare to dissuade: the world really is a place where people do it every day. Moreover, to say that these lucky people - rich, do not dare ... This is one of those cases where the amount does not speak about quality. Now, put all on the shelves.

Congratulations - you were one of the markets in Somalia in Hargeisa. It differs from all the others like him places that sell here ... money. And it's not a thing. Caution: The pictures below can make your eyes badly approximated - so many denominations, they just have not seen.

The fact that the local currency - Somali Shilling - on the world market virtually worthless.

Unofficial exchange rate of 9,000 Somali shillings for $ 1.

For the money there to carry carts stored in the grid in baskets, sacks or simply dumped mountains of notes directly on the ground.

There is no ATMs or banks or financial institutions - everything happens under the open sky. Just look at these African changed! B>

To buy your own food, residents have to carry the whole sacks of money!

Somalia remains one of the poorest countries not only in Africa but around the world ...

The most valuable currency in the country is not money, and camels. It is their number determines how much a person is rich. B>

Go shopping with a bag of money is the usual practice. Imagine, to buy a loaf of bread, you need to throw out a lot of money on the counter in the literal sense of the word. B>

I wonder if you would like to appear on the market this unusual? If you suddenly gather in Somalia, prepare a large suitcase - not for things, but to what was worn currency. About purse can even forget! Do not forget to share this post with your friends - this unusual market, they have not exactly seen!

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