Mogadishu, Somalia, the second day

We continue our journey through Somalia (first part here). So far, everything is fine! The weather is good, in spite of the hot season. The food is excellent - in my rooming house chef from Italy, who is preparing a chic and fantastic lobster pasta (not a joke). On the second day of the migration service sent a permission to shoot and pick-up with the military. Guard intensified. Of the minuses - the military do not allow to communicate with the locals. Feel Putin.

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01. Again, we start with the guards. In the front seat can not go - there goes a man with a gun. Local worry that if the white man will notice in the car, he was immediately stolen.

02. Today, we decided to strengthen the protection and identified eight pickup !!! gunners.

03. Every time I had to get out, they ran out of their pickup truck and "cleaned out" area. They stopped all the cars and chased all the people. Even the military is very funny to disperse the road hesitated motorists.

04. Even in the country, when you stop, I'm sorry, pee, they cleaned the area from ground squirrels and beavers (or who live there in the wilderness?).

05. I decided to go to the slums. Fun, of course, travel. You walk into the environment of war, who banished all inhabitants of these slums. At the same time there are a lot of residents, but we are going very fast, almost running. It seems that you are with a group of war you participate in any peaceful settlement of the seizure. Aboriginal people represent the state when your camp breaks shaggy white photographer with gunmen, ran 30 seconds for making a circle and leaves.

06. A bunch of curious kids want to come closer, but they are not allowed. I Feel Putin. Later, security chief explained that every baby in diapers is, at least, a grenade, which he was happy to throw at me.

07. No contact with the local people. Every Somali - a potential murderer or a thief. You can not go on the same route - said the car will plan napadanie.

08. Remove in such circumstances, of course, difficult. You can not stand still for a second. All on the run. You can not leave the car in crowded places. The people around should be enough to cope with it can Guard. For this reason, you can not go to the market, it can begin uncontrolled reaction from local people. At night you can not go anywhere at all, as all shoot. You can not even sit near the window, so that no one saw the white man.

09. The local population, by the way, is not spoiled by the attention of tourists ...

10. Slums.

11. All very friendly.


13. Any output from the machine or stopping - for stress protection. They always imagining kidnapping or terrorist attack. They say that every day there is something explodes. The agents of al-Qaeda are trying to regain control over the city and constantly bullies.

14. When the car begins to approach the crowd, guards fired into the air. Excellent method - all at once, and run up the street silence. No screaming, no longer hear the children's laughter ...

15. You probably think now, as it is inhumane to disperse the people shot in the air. In fact the orders here in the streets is very severe. Here, for example, man batting passersby. No he is not responsible and does not even perturbed. The airport police bludgeon sticks porters. In general, ordinary African life.

16. The little town destroyed by war. Here, for example, a police station.

17. And this is in the middle of the street. Sidewalks and plitochki not here.

18. The ruins of the cathedral.

19. The Cathedral was beautiful, but now live here in tents the refugees.

20. Previously, on the shore were luxury villas of the local elite. Now everything is destroyed. Almost all filmed from the car window. Stop anywhere impossible.

21. A local resident.

22. City Center.


24. minibus.

25. Many trucks without cab. Generally, it happens, look at the next car, and wonder how it all goes?

26. Filling.

27. Market.


29. Meeting velokluba. As in any normal city, Mogadishu, people ride bicycles.

30. Market.

31. Now here is the big season of sweet watermelon.

32. 80% of Somalia's population can not read and write. On the walls of shops draw the goods and services provided inside. Here, for example, a pharmacy, where you can charge the phone, get tested, die pressure, and circumcised (picture below left).

33. This is the facade of one of the clinics in the center. There also are circumcised.

34. You can charge the phone, play pleysteyshn2 buy cold drinks, to learn foreign languages, medicine and learn the profession of the speaker.

35. Learn facades incredibly interesting. Please note that the owner reserves his autograph and a telephone.

36. Social advertising - Somali rising from its knees. Since no one knows how to read, we have to draw comics.

37. Another social advertising. Left "yesterday" right "today".

38. Readers were asked to show them the Somali women. Please.

39. Despite the fact that Somalia is living under Sharia law, and all the women in headscarves walk, photographed them without any problems.

40. In other Muslim countries, women are forbidden to shoot.

41. And then all do not care. It may, of course, they do not know that they are photographed.

In Somalia, every man for himself. There is its own special atmosphere.



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