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Flutists around the campfire during the celebration of the Orange July 12th Glenarm, Northern Ireland. On the night of July 12 in Belfast, there were clashes between Catholics and Protestants in anticipation of starting a series of traditional parades Orangemen. Every year, residents of Northern Ireland Protestants celebrate victory July 12, 1690 troops of the British King William III of Orange over Catholic King James II army at the Battle of the Boyne. (AP Photo / Paul Faith, PA)

Passers-by in the background during the annual Lantern Festival mitama at the Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo. About three thousand lanterns are lit to appease the souls of the dead during the four-day festival in the temple, where buried more than 2, 4 million people. (KIM KYUNG-HOON / Reuters)

Spectators at the final open tournament golf in the UK Royal St. George's in Sandwich. (TOBY MELVILLE / Reuters)

Girl (left) and orangutan boy from the island of Borneo - the first members of the species born in the Zoological and Botanical Gardens in Hong Kong, but activists societies for the protection of the environment require that kids set free. (AFP / Getty Images)

Worker puts skeins of thread on the machine at the factory «Axminster Carpets Ltd.» in Axminster, England. Wool prices in the UK have jumped this year by 35% compared to last only aggravate the situation in the market of other agricultural products - from cotton to grain. (Chris Ratcliffe / Bloomberg)


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