Best Photos National Geographic in February (25 photos)

In the selection of photos National Geographic and National Geographic Russia.

Hot Springs, Ethiopia

George Staynmits

Sulfur and bacteria attach to the hot springs Afarskogo triangle (Ethiopia) bright colors. The water is formed by the condensation of hot gases coming from the magma chamber. After evaporation of water salts and other minerals form a crust bright.

Flower Krylgan New Guinea

Tim Laman

This kind of flower fruit bat, which is yet to receive a scientific name, with a long tongue produces nectar of forest flowers while pollinating them, flying from plant to plant.

Altai region

Andrey Kamenev

At the entrance to the Denisova Cave: it is not surprising that in such a place people settled 800 thousand years ago.

Truckers twin

Jodi Cobb

"We were two of a kind, - says Don Wolfe (right) about his twin brother Dave, explaining how they truckers get along on long trips for 18 years. - I'm not a slut like it. But we love the same music, and a sense of humor we have one in one ».

Lake Teletskoe

Andrey Kamenev

Teletskoye Lake after the storm. Altai Republic.


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