Best Photos National Geographic in February (25 photos)

In the selection of photos National Geographic and National Geographic Russia.

Hot Springs, Ethiopia

George Staynmits

Sulfur and bacteria attach to the hot springs Afarskogo triangle (Ethiopia) bright colors. The water is formed by the condensation of hot gases coming from the magma chamber. After evaporation of water salts and other minerals form a crust bright.

Flower Krylgan New Guinea

Tim Laman

This kind of flower fruit bat, which is yet to receive a scientific name, with a long tongue produces nectar of forest flowers while pollinating them, flying from plant to plant.

Altai region

Andrey Kamenev

At the entrance to the Denisova Cave: it is not surprising that in such a place people settled 800 thousand years ago.

Truckers twin

Jodi Cobb

"We were two of a kind, - says Don Wolfe (right) about his twin brother Dave, explaining how they truckers get along on long trips for 18 years. - I'm not a slut like it. But we love the same music, and a sense of humor we have one in one ยป.

Lake Teletskoe

Andrey Kamenev

Teletskoye Lake after the storm. Altai Republic.

Competitions klifdayvingu

Dean Treml / Red Bull Cliff Diving

Training jumps in the Italian town of Polignano a Mare. Klifdayving - one of the most dangerous and beautiful sport. Many photographers would give half my life in such a frame.

Marriage Battle Ruff

Sergei Gorshkov

Males fight to first blood, and the little homely female remains on the sidelines. Kulikova outfit includes these huge "ears" and "collar", which is individual color.

Flamingo, Cuba

Andrei Gudkov

The reserve "Fauna de Rio Maximo" nests largest colony of red flamingos. In 1998-2007, there will hatch from 17 to 55 thousand chicks.

Brown bear, Kamchatka

Sergei Gorshkov

Bright autumn gives short Kamchatka bears last opportunity to eat their fill before a long winter sleep.

Dekeneva Sifaka, Madagascar

Stephen Alvarez

In the unexplored canyons and caves reserve Tsingy du Bemaraha live perhaps the most unusual creatures Madagascar

Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Kenneth Garrett

In the desert west of the Nile Valley of the Kings lies. In ancient times it was a quiet, secluded place, but now here is getting closer outskirts of Luxor.

Rodeo, Australia

Andrey Kamenev

Eight seconds - exactly the cowboy must stay on an angry horse. The same number should be kept and a cowboy hat on his head.

Chipmunk, Altai

Andrey Kamenev

Chipmunk sits on a rock and watch over three or four cedar growing nearby, from tribesmen.

Everglades National Park covers nearly the entire southern peninsula of Florida. Its main wealth - tropical swamps and mangroves, which are the abode of strange birds and alligators insidious. Here nesting herons and cormorants, darters clean feathers ... It darter, triumphantly carrying in its beak a freshly caught fish, and photographed Karim Jaffrey in this amazingly beautiful place.

Caravan in Mali

Cameleer from Mali - mixed blood, a descendant of the Arabs and the Tuareg. He was born and raised in Mali, but is not afraid to get lost in the desert is not the only reason. Tuareg ancestors taught him what plants can cure - or kill - the animal, and how to navigate through the wilderness, guided not only by the sun, but also in color, texture and even the taste of sand.


India - fertile place for a photographer. The abundance of light makes it possible to make every picture is so bright and sunny as possible. And even a little spoiled the plot of this picture with egret - on the author's intention, it was not to take off, and remain in place - played quite differently, and all thanks to the abundance of natural light.


In those places where people rarely appear, animals are not afraid of their presence and behave like curious children. Crabeater seal, met photographers in Antarctica, is not afraid of them, but curiously peeking out of the blocks of ice, and the sun is cast in silver on his icy and snowy wool.

In the rivers of Australia can often find cancers stunning blue. Locals call this color "puzzle", as in the waters of some rivers it remains saturated blue and the other is orange. Of cancer called yabbi, buy it for home aquariums, and is such a pleasure very expensive.

Elephants Serengeti

Serengeti National Park, located in Tanzania, is famous for its abundant wildlife and is considered one of the most picturesque corners of the planet. Under the open sky here roam five hundred species of birds and three million large animals, including wildebeest, zebras, elephants and giraffes, and the river inhabited by numerous families of crocodiles. Amazing photo of elephants in the background a stormy sky in the Serengeti belongs to the photographer Michael Nichols

Gray wolf

Almost the only place on earth where wolves can live freely and at the same time - dangerously close to the people, is an international reserve Wolf Haven International. The reserve is located in the State of Washington, USA. There and this photo was taken peacefully resting gray wolf.

White Owl

This white owl photographer managed to "catch" the very bad weather, during a snowstorm. Unlike most owls, which are nocturnal, white owls can watch and hunt at night and during the day.

Springbok antelope

Golden sunset in the Kalahari, covering Transboundary Kgalagadi National Park, in South Africa, gives the landscape of mystery and magic. Equally magical, magical creatures in a dark forest of camel thorn looks and springbok antelope herd. These graceful animals with delightful lyrate horns, famous for its three-color color of skin, as well as an amazing ability to place, without any apparent effort to make vertical jumps to 3 to 5 meters in height, and during the run - up to 15 meters in length.

Squirrel in the snow,

Even squirrel coat can be cold hostess if baby happens to fall under the heavy snow. I hope squirrel from New Jersey, photographed Ray Yeager, found a cozy place to warm up this winter.

Tigers, India

Addition of ginger tabby cutie in the background is called Smasher, which can be translated either as "Destroyer" or as "irresistible". This gave him the name of photographer Steve Winter, but that's exactly what he wanted to emphasize the heavy nature of the Indian tiger, or its elegant appearance? It is believed that the pair attacked the people and on their account a lot of victims, so that both the tiger at the moment are kind of like a prisoner.

Whale shark

Huge whale shark is called "predator with good character", because this type of shark, in spite of as giant size, is not dangerous to humans. The whale shark feeds exclusively on plankton and swims very slowly and has a very lethargic, apathetic disposition. It often does not even respond to the divers, who can touch her body and even ride on her back. Actually, doing this and found a photographer diver, imprinted on the photo.


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